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Share Chinese idioms to put a spring in your step.
2015-3-30 16:56
Chinese idioms to put a spring in your step.
Throughout literature spring has long been been one of the symbols refreshment, youth and rebirth. Coming after a long and cold winter, spring brings a new-found excitement to live. Its freshness, charm and warmth are all embodied in various Chinese chengyu (idioms). 1. 春兰秋菊 (chūn lán qiū jú). The chengyu says, “in spring there are orchids, in autumn there are chrysanthemums,” each season has its own beauty, as well as ever ...
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Share Teaching Chinese abroad.
2014-8-17 20:36
Teaching Chinese abroad.
Teaching English in China is still the most popular job among foreigners and the most attractive one, if we consider the salaries for foreign teachers in some schools. No wonder so many westerners who find themselves in China won't hesitate to take advantage of this beautiful situation once the opportunity is given. Surprisingly, while newly made teachers from abroad are occupying the education market in China, the Chinese, in pursuit of better life in other countries, take on a teacher ...
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Expats are invited to give questions to lawmakers
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