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Share Gentle and sweet!Colorful flowers!
2015-4-13 15:30
The following photos all from camerist Hao Yibing, not bad choices for your desktop! Butterfly and flower, a classic couple! Bees always make the whole picture more vivid! A pink dont-know-its-name flower in the group of yellow rape flowers About to gone with the wind dew on the grass leaves shining like crystal! Do you like these pictures?Enjoy the l ...
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Share Delayed Spring in Jiuzhai Valley
2015-3-30 14:13
It seems that spring has occupied every corner in China! But in Jiuzhai valley, ice and cold wind from winter is still entrenched in here. Sunshine is taking the offensive,let‘s appreciate some pictures of the delayed spring in Jiuzhai Valley taken by camerist Zhou Zhengling. Can you see the panda in the lake?That’s why the lake is called Panda Lake (Xiongmao Hai). This can only be defined in this season, while the water volume of the lake is up to the mustard. When wet season com ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu?Chengdu Botanical Garden!
2015-3-19 10:35
Spring decorate Botanical Garden with colorful flowers and fresh green ! Chengdu Botanical Garden is located in Chengdu Tianhui town , which is currently the largest , most diverse , fully functional botanical garden in Sichuan province. The Garden has set eight specific plant area and more than 10 specific plant garden , a combination of the province's major species and more than 200 rare species of foreign trees and Domestic trees. Including six kinds of a first class pro ...
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Share Spring Flowers
2015-3-13 11:45
Spring has come to town! AstheoldChinesesayinggoes, the best time of the year is spring. As everything is awake from the frozen cold of the winter, day time starts to become longer and longer, the temperature of sunshine starts to become higher and higher. Flowers bloom, insects wake. Let‘s appreciate some awesome pictures about spring flowers taken by camerist Hao Changzheng. learn more a ...
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Share Chinese RED
2015-2-25 10:10
Spring festival vacation is over, but the traditional celebration is not over until Lunar January 15th. Chinese people loves the color RED which in Chinese culture representative happiness, booming, and luck. When spring festival comes, every house must be decorate by as many as possible red ornaments. The red ornaments are various, there are red pitches, red peppers, red shoe-shaped gold ingot, red FU character, red couplets and sheep doll for Chi ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu? Bamboo Sea a wonderland of green!
2015-1-14 17:13
Bamboo Sea, the state 4A class tourist area, "China Famous National Scenic Area", "one of the Chinese fortieth best tourism destination ", "Chinese biosphere protection zone ", "one of the ten forests of most beautiful Chinese National Geographic" selection, located in the south of Sichuan in the territory of Yibin City, the territory of Changning and Jiangan county at the junction of two, about 430 kilometers from north Chengdu,covers an area of 120 square kilometers, 44 squ ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu?Yuecheng Lake where the immortals live!
2015-1-13 17:05
The Yuecheng(city of the moon) Lake is located between the Zhangren peak and Qinglong Gang in Mount Qingcheng scenic area. the ghost town mountain under Zhangren peak is Mount Guicheng(city of the ghost), also known as Mount Yuecheng Lake, so comes the name of the lake. Stream from Mount Gaotai is the sources of the lake, flow into the open valley in the mountains and sometimes ther ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu? Taoism birthplace--Mount Qingcheng
2015-1-12 15:27
Where to have fun in Chengdu? Taoism birthplace--Mount Qingcheng
Qingcheng Mountain is located in Chengdu city the southwest of in Dujiangyan, 68 kilometers away from east downtown Chengdu, 10 kilometers away from southwest of Dujiangyan water conservancy project. The main peak Laoxiao Peak is 1260 meters above sea level. Qingcheng Mountain surrounded by undulating peaks and be covered by verdant forests , be known as "the most secluded mountain in ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu? Qingyang palace the magical temple of Taoism!
2015-1-9 14:34
Qingyang palace, is a national key Taoism temple, a Sichuan province key cultural relics protection unit. Qingyang palace is also one of the famous Taoist temples in the country. Qingyang palace is located in the west 2 section of first ring road of Chengdu, beside River Jinjiang, the southwest of Chengdu city, Sichuan province, southwestern Ch ...
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Share Where to have fun in Chengdu?Shrine of marquis Wu!
2015-1-8 15:17
Shrine of marquis Wu (temple Hanzhaolie), is a national key cultural relics protection unit, the national AAAA level traveling scenic area, also a first-class national museum. Shrine of marquis wu is located in Wuhou district of Chengdu, be built in A.D. 223 when building Hui tomb of Liu Bei. It is the only tomb that ho ...
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  • Spring Flowers 2015-12-29 09:25

    samlam: We all are waiting for the Spring Festival, a Chinese new year. It is a new start of the year.
    Yes!It is the most important Festival for us !

  • Spring Flowers 2015-12-28 15:50

    We all are waiting for the Spring Festival, a Chinese new year. It is a new start of the year.

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