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Where to have fun in Chengdu? Bamboo Sea a wonderland of green!

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Bamboo Sea, the state 4A class tourist area, "China Famous National Scenic Area", "one of the Chinese fortieth best tourism destination ", "Chinese biosphere protection zone ", "one of the ten forests of most beautiful Chinese National Geographic" selection, located in the south of Sichuan in the territory of Yibin City, the territory of Changning and Jiangan county at the junction of two, about 430 kilometers from north Chengdu,covers an area of 120 square kilometers, 44 square kilometers of central scenic area. There are eight major scenic areas and two sub-scenic areas and 134 scenic spots in total. There are, more than 70 thousand acres 58 species of bamboo, combine landscape, cave, lake, waterfall, with a long history and cultural landscape to form the most original "Bamboo Park". Bamboo Sea’s vegetation coverage rate there is 87%, is famous for its million hectares of bamboo.

Bamboo Sea scenic area is about 13 kilometers east-west, about 6 kilometers wide north-south, Bamboo Sea is known as grand, precipitous, quiet and beautiful, where the emperor temple, Tianbao(precious of paradise)Village, Xianyu(fable of a fairy) cave, Qinglong(Blue dragon) lake, colorful waterfalls, ancient battlefield, Wanjiang(thousands of river)scenic area, Guanyun(watching clouds)pavilion, Feicui(emerald) Gallery, Chahua(Camellia)hill, thirteen bridge on Hua(flower) stream are called "Bamboo Sea top ten". Bamboo Sea has fresh air, which has high ion content.

The bamboo stretch as far as eye can see, covering the whole 500 hill. Here the altitude is 600 meters to 1000 meters, the annual temperature between 0to 30, warm in winter and cool in summer, making there to be the wonderful destination for tourists all around the year. Wangyou(forget worries) Valley is long and narrow, where bamboo grows both dense and strong, blot out the sunshine, so that the whole valley is deeper quiet. Visitors walk around in the curved bamboo walkway, listening to the water and birds singing viewing green bamboo and wild flowers, and feeling to become the fairies.

In Bamboo Sea you can eat a lot of local cuisines. rice-pudding wrapped with bamboo leaves made by glutinous rice with brown sugar has a particular pleasant smell of bamboo. Pandas feast’s name is a little shocking, but it’s actually means all the dishes all made bamboo products, is a unique of Bamboo Sea. During this kind banquet, people eat bamboo products just like pandas do. There are dictyophora, bamboo fungus, eggs of dictyophora, new shoots and so on. In addition, the local Food there are all very mouth-watering. Yibin burning noodle, chicken tofu curd, Nanxi tofu, bamboo Yellow Wine, grape well curd, Shahe tofu, Junlian rice-flour noodle, dictyophora stewed chicken noodle, spicy chicken, Dieshi pig head bacon, Pipa winter legs and Lanxiangzhai bacon are worth trying.


Films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers all use here as the stories‘s background.

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    You know chinese take more time for cooking a delicious dish. I ever had been to France and Gernany, in these countries, people take less time in the kitchen. do yo agree my opion ?

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    samlam: We all are waiting for the Spring Festival, a Chinese new year. It is a new start of the year.
    Yes!It is the most important Festival for us !

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