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Share Why people block your Wechat moment or not responding to it at all?
2017-3-4 13:26
Why people block your Wechat moment or not responding to it at all?
This meme is true. Although your wechat moment post is interesting or useful, some people do not respond to it at all because it is from you. The worst thing, they may already have your moment blocked (unfollowed) from their account. So whatever you post, they never see it on their wall. This is a twoway thing. People do this to us, we also do it to some people. I wonder if I can find someone who has not unfollowed someone in the wechat moment. However according to my experiences and thing ...
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Share 4 Tips to improve your Chinese
2016-9-16 16:16
4 Tips to improve your Chinese
I have seen brilliant Chinese speakers, average speakers and non-speakers among my foreign friends here. What I have seen from them is these brilliant speakers enjoy a really wonderful life here. They go deep into the Chinese society, enjoy every advantage they could dream of on this wonderful land of new opportunities. From them and my own struggle with it; I learned a lot of lessons about improving this difficult language. And I am more than happy to share it wit ...
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Share It is my 32nd birthday :-)
2016-6-7 07:34
It is my 32nd birthday :-)
I turned 32 today. I was born in 1984. According to the way Chinese calculate the age, I should be 33, but our way I just turned 32. Whether 32 or 33, it is a big number. I have come a long journey. If I am lucky enough I will have more years coming forward on my journey. I tried to write my thoughts about my past life, and I wrote many things. Write and delete. Writing something and deleting it. I could not figure out how to tell my thoughts clearly. Then suddenly the first p ...
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Share 高考: My experience and opinion on Gaokao
2016-6-6 14:03
高考: My experience and opinion on Gaokao
13 years ago I had our nation Gaokao, which is known as GCE A/L . It is very similar to the Gaokao. A make or break event for most of our poor or middle class school kids. Anyway the exam was not easy. The preparation was the toughest. I had to scarify lot of things. I separated from Television, internet and playing. Got up every day 4 AM and studied until 6 - 6.30 AM. Then leave for school. Then to the tuition class where additional support given to me. Week ends? What is ...
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Share Cockroach Theory- A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai.
2016-5-29 09:46
Cockroach Theory- A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai.
Cockroach Theory A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai - an IIT-MIT Alumnus and CEO of (now Alphabet inc) The cockroach theory for self development At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach. Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group al ...
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Share My best friend in China: 35 years old China Daily
2016-4-20 16:30
My best friend in China: 35 years old China Daily
I am from Sri Lanka, a country that was under British Empire for 150 years and we have English everywhere in our homeland. When I just came into China 5 years ago, everything around me was in Chinese. My eyes were tired seen the complex letters around me, however I saw an English news papers on our dormitory reception and it was cool experience for me. It was China daily. I turned several pages and suddenly found out an English window to this unknown and to be expl ...
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Share Why the women's day pledge is also important for men?
2016-3-6 21:39
Why the women's day pledge is also important for men?
This year women’s day, the official pledge will be the parity for women. I do believe women should given the equal status and equality in everything. There is no argument about that. However, my article today will be focus on why men should support this. Actually it is our duty as human being to support such a reasonable pledge. Addition that, collectively as men, we will too have benefits from such a pledge in every dimension in our life. ...
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Share Lesson from Leonardo Dicaprio - Keep working until you are rewarded
2016-2-29 16:08
Lesson from Leonardo Dicaprio - Keep working until you are rewarded
Being rewarded is not easy. Even if you are qualified and fulfilled everything you need from your side, the rewards can be delayed. Bill Gates famously told “Life is not fair” and it will be wise” get used to it”. His predecessor Satya Nadella told people to “trust Karma” in order to get what you deserved. For all of us it is obvious the difficulty of getting what we deserved. We work hard, bullies take away our credits. We sweat a lot, cheaters take away our glory. We scarifies ...
Personal category: life|2762 views|4 comments Popularity 2
Share Laowai's 8 tips for a happy stay in China
2016-2-27 16:30
Laowai's 8 tips for a happy stay in China
I have been in China for 5.5 years now. Soon I will be celebrating my 6th anniversary of my love with China and its people. (Actually this blog is a development to a previous blog post which attracted huge attention.) I really love this nation and land. This exceptional love does not mean I am doing well or I have realized all of my dreams here. However, I respect the opportunity that they have given me. My ancestors or I have not fought battles for this nation. We have never ...
Personal category: life|13784 views|17 comments Popularity 8
Share Single? Live differently.
2016-1-24 13:13
Single? Live differently.
Being single is a life style. We cannot say it is an alternative. It is well established civil status and there are many people permanently or temporarily living single. Perhaps in primitive societies where stoning and lashes are still being frequently practicing, staying single would be a challenge, however in developed and civilized world being single is not a problem and there is no vulnerabilities even for a single old women in terms of security and welfare. T ...
Personal category: life|4748 views|10 comments Popularity 8
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