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Why people block your Wechat moment or not responding to it at all?

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This meme is true. Although your wechat moment post is interesting or useful, some people do not respond to it at all because it is from you. The worst thing, they may already have your moment blocked (unfollowed) from their account. So whatever you post, they never see it on their wall.

This is a twoway thing. People do this to us, we also do it to some people. I wonder if I can find someone who has not unfollowed someone in the wechat moment. However according to my experiences and things I found on line here are some reasons for wechat unfollowing.

1. Sellers (Taigou people)
They think sellingGucci on wechat may work. They think filling the space of wechat moment with their spams will make us tired scrolling so we may take a rest by purchasing some of it. No way. Just click the profile and go to settings and unfollow them. This is what most of us do to them.

2. Selfies

There are people in our life we may kill ourself to see their faces. Their faces are the things we need to see in dreams, when waking up or go to sleep. If they put their face all over the wechat moment, it is fine by us. However, we are not that attached to everyone on the wechat. So spaming your selfie on wechat is number one way to get unfollowed by people. Do not get me wrong, If you took an important selfie (ex:- a one with Queen)please share, everyone loves it. If they do not it is their problem. But if there is No story behind the selfie, then at least limit the people who can see it.

3. No reponders

If Harvey Spector is your wechat friend and he did not reply to a comment on his wall is a fine thing. He may be kicking some asses in Newyork. But that dude who wasting time on chating and watching films does not reply to comments, neglecting our comment for days leaving us hanging dry in the social media wall! Come on! Just unfollow him/her or just neglect future moments. 

4. When interests conflicting

There are people who can never agree to anything we have to say. They may be having personality issue or just f**king with us. No matter what they are, just unfollowing is the thing we can do. Because we can save the energy do something important than fighting with someone on the wall.

5. Too important people

Do not get offended everytime when someone unfollow you or do not feel bad about unfollowing that important person. Because sometimes we have to distance some very critial people in our life from social media accounts as it can be sensitive issues raise with social media.
It is a wise decision, respect if someone under you do it (employee or student) or do it straightforward when you have to unfollow someone important. It is not disrespect, it is a wise move you can take.

Here is the list I prepared what do you think? Have you ever blocked someone and then why is that?

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Reply Report fatdragon 2017-3-13 08:50
I've blocked everybody.

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