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  • Fear 2017-8-20 17:04

    These are the things I have feared that actually happened to me in my life of 66 years.
    1. Getting drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1970.
    2. Student gang members threats to teacher.
    3. Gun pulled on me by a student.
    4. Mugged by gang member with knife walking to store.
    5, Car jacked at gun point
    I could go on but my point is these things that happened to me in the USA,still cause fear to people in the USA. I do not fear these things in China.

  • Fear 2017-8-20 16:49

    I would never grade your writing as one has done here. Fear is good in certain situlations, you I feel fear the unknown furture like most of us do which is normal.Good thoughts you shared.Thanks

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