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  • Fear 2017-6-28 00:06

    Fear, like delight, sorrow, jealousy,  is one of human emotions, and it does exist for a reason.
    Evolution theory tells us that humans shun things that are perceived to be perilous like predator animals or situations that are eerily strange, out of the sense of fear, thus giving us a better chance of survival, just as GhostBuster stated. So practically, humans without any sense of fear would be functionally handicapped, as human behaviors are not only mediated by his or her knowledge/beliefs, aspirations, but also emotions.
    I think it might be more accurate to call what you cited as fear in your blog anxiety that usually stems from uncertainties you are facing with, feeling of disappointment, or lack of confidence which have a lot to do with your mentality rather than the emotion of fear.

  • The Sun is Also a Star 2017-6-19 10:15

    I don't think studying love by reading love stories would bear much of a fruit either. Scientists usually dismissed it as a humanist approach, while scientific ways of seeing love emphasize on robust empirical analyses that are based on hard facts. Additionally, a myriad of experiments are also involved in scientific studies of love, of which the results have to stand peer-reviews who might replicate the experiments to verify the validity of the results.

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