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I started my trip to celebrate my graduation today. So I will not update my blog and reply your comment for several days. Sorry for this and thank you guys for reading my blogs.
2014-6-8 17:12:25 Reply
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  • My Bike? 2017-3-20 07:43

    Isnt bike sharing big business in China? And if so then how are the bike "public facilities"? Dont people have to pay a a deposit to be able to use the bikes? And then pay 15 cents an hour for them or something? And isnt it companies like Ofo that get all the profit? If there is so much money in bike sharing then I do not understand why the Chinese Government doesnt make the bikes themselves and use them to increase revenue. Where does all the profit come from anyway since it is so cheap to use the bikes anyway? I really dont understand where the profit comes from in the Chinese market. At only 15 cents to use the bike for an additional hour there cant be great profits in this industry in Chinese market -

    ------It’s difficult to overstate how popular these services have become. On almost every street corner in China’s major cities, bikes of different shapes, sizes, and colors are lined up next to one another.

    Potholes ahead

    All of these factors merely compound the stress placed on an already shaky business model. Mobike and its rivals won’t reveal how much their bikes cost to produce, but an old estimate (which Mobike says has since decreased) places the cost of a standard Mobike at 3,000 yuan (about $437). Professor Gillis says that fares alone will hardly recoup these costs in a timely manner—let alone cover labor and R&D expenses.

    “They rent for one yuan every half hour, and they expect that they might be rented four times a day for a half hour, which amounts to four yuan per day,” he tells Quartz. “If you take four yuan per day and you take that into the 3,000 yuan, you’ve got a long time before you’ve recovered the cost of a bike.
    - quartz

    Yes I am correct. There is not a lot of profit in bike sharing in the Chinese market. Any fool could work that out. Plus it is not just the cost of the bike that must be recovered but bikes also need to be maintained/repaired etc and the Chinese Government is allowing these companies to cut overhead costs by allowing this 'park anywhere' policy and allowing the companies to rely on 'volunteers' to report bikes that have been parked and left in idiotic places, but the companies still have to pay 'in house teams' to go and pick these discarded bikes up, which also adds to overheads.

    The one to blame for the scenario you describe is the Chinese Government for allowing this 'park anywhere' policy which is utterly ridiculous, and for not making sure that bike sharing rules are clear and easy to understand, and for not making penalties severe enough to deter the public from abusing the bike sharing initiative. People should not be able to park where ever they please and consumers should not be able to pick up some random discarded bike because that system is very stupid and chaotic. Bike sharing users should have to pick up a bike at a bike sharing station and they should have to return the bike to a bike sharing station - but that wont work will it because the 'start ups' that are leading this big new industry that makes little profit cannot afford to employ enough stations at enough locations to make bike sharing convenient. A solution to that might be for users themselves to have to pay extra for a member of the bike sharing companies 'in-house team' to come and pick the bike up and return it to a bike sharing station where it belongs. Bike pick-up could even become an industry in itself.

    The fact is that bike sharing is a very stupid idea and China should forget it. If people want to ride a bike then let them buy a bike. If bike sharing really is so profitable then let the industry support itself rather than rely on corporate welfare from the state and favourable laws/regulations that make things easy for the industry leaders.

    Having bikes left all over the place is every bit as bad as shopping trolleys being left all over the place. It is the same problem. In Australia we have council fines for taking shopping trolleys because discarded shopping trolleys look terrible and messy. Supermarkets like Aldi make you pay a deposit to be able to use their trolley and you have to return it to get your deposit back. Chinese bike sharing needs to get rid of the 'park anywhere' policy and make companies put in place penalties for unreturned bikes/require larger deposits. The Chinese Government needs to fine bike users that do not return bikes to bike sharing stations.

  • Learn Chinese Well 2017-3-18 21:59

    The status quo of Chinese looks not quite well in the language of Chinese. This is a good toptic, though. And it is quite thought-provoking. But self-interest is the best teacher. Back to the era of my secondary high school, my female classmate loved reading books. She loved reading martial-art novels written by Jin Yong. I presumed she must have read them all. And she loved reading historic books as well. Yuan Tengfeng may have been her favorite historic-book writer during her secondary school age. She ranked the first in my school according to her study performances; Yet she basically didn't pay attention to teachers in class. While in class, I always saw her reading books on her laps. She was good at writting both Chinese and English essays. Compared to me, I paid attention to teachers most of time in class but however, I had to keep running to catch up with her. I am convined that her interst in reading books must lead her to success.

    When I had lessons for my optional course named Appreciating Modern Chinese Novels, I learned that there was a time when people were admiring Poets and Novelists as their idols, and poems and novels seemed much more important as mental food than rice and steamed buns, the material food.
    But now, we regard singers or dancers or actors and actresses or other art performers as Stars - as idols.

    What are the primary factors influencing us to a new era? Is it technology? Is it higher life quality? Is it much more time and money at our disposals? Is it the culure of Internet or Wifi?

    There was time we were in pusuit of traditonal culture - put it exactly we were obsessed with mental food when we were not wealthy or even when we had to make a living so badly but when we needed mental food so badly, too.

    I hope this time will be once again. I know it will occur in the not so far future. And I know this era is emerging on me because as you do I start placing importance on the beauty and the cultures underlying Chinese characters, reading novels or poems written by Chinese excellent writers.

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