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Share My Bike?
Min1989 2017-3-19 10:17
My Bike? Last weekend, I was hanging out in the downtown with my friend and sister. We were walking at a public spare when all of a sudden a heated arguing between a student and a middle-aged woman arrested our attention. Out of curiosity, we all stopped to look around and found that they were arguing over an Ofo bike which recently got quite popular in this city along with two other bike-sharing companies including Mo-bike. From what we observ ...
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Share Random Thoughts from Old Time (2)
Min1989 2017-3-16 10:37
7. Life teaches us a lot of lessons which I believe that we would be far better off with first hand experience regarding to those lessons rather than second hand one. This also perfectly explains why we cannot lead a decent life after being lectured by others all these years. Our parents always believe that we should follow their advice because they have been through the journey we are taking and because they are giving their hard-earned lessons to us so that we can ...
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Share Random Thoughts from Old Time (1)
Min1989 2017-3-16 10:36
I wrote these about two years ago. I have been sorting them and decide to post some of them here. They are raw feelings and therefore can be very subjective. 1. If I were an unfinished song, would you be the lost part? If I wrote down the lyrics, would you compose the melody or vice verse? If I didn't tell you the underlying meaning of it, would you be able to figure it out yourself? If I hummed the song by moonlight shadow, would you hum it with m ...
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Share A Pet
Min1989 2017-3-5 09:17
I watched “ A Dog ’ s Purpose ” this afternoon. It is not a particularly good movie. But it touche d me all the same. I had had a few pets when I was little, dogs and cats. Even though I grew up in an extended family and have a younger sister, I still treated my pets like my best friends. My parents were away a lot and I constantly had bickers with my sister and cousins, so it made sense for me to treat my pets like my best bu ...
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Share Slow down and Savor the Moment
Min1989 2017-2-28 11:33
Everything is in a rush. Flowers are rushed to blossom to bring fragrance to and lighten the mood of people. Deadlines are rushed to be met so that more of our precious time can be saved. Everybody is in a rush, on the way to a workplace, to a school, to a tourist destination etc.. Children are rushing to grow up, trying all those things that are way beyond their age and behaving in certain ways that are not becoming to th ...
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Share Spring Festival
Min1989 2017-2-3 17:38
Growing up in a teeny-tiny village, Spring Festival had been my favorite Festival for a very long time. It was a time for materialistic abundance and family reunion; it was also a time for bright smile and loud laughter. In my memory, my family would start preparing for the celebration of Chinese New Year almost a month ahead of its approach. A variety of activities would be organized in line as we approached this meaningful Festival. My mom usually would buy all sorts of co ...
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Share Belief
Min1989 2017-2-3 09:10
Belief Do you have any belief? If yes, what is it? Have you ever doubted your belief? Belief is not a topic frequently brought up in Chinese people's daily conversation. Instead of talking about rather abstract as well as philosophical subjects like belief, we show far more passion towards profane stuff such as education, money and relationship etc. The majority of us are so caught up in the trivialities of day-to-day business that we are not able to s ...
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Share Fear
Min1989 2017-1-13 16:23
To be able to live without fear is probably the greatest thing in this world. But this sort of ability doesn't come naturally or easily. To be fearless is a kind of status I would relentlessly chase after. I forget since when the feeling of fear started accumulating in my deep mind and sometimes it would almost drive me nuts. When I was little, I was afraid of getting bad score and facing up with my mother's burst of anger and verbal abuse or even physical punishment. & ...
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Share Decision
Min1989 2017-1-4 16:02
Life is defined by countless decisions be they big or small made by a person. The consequences in the wake of these decisions shape not only us but also our life. Because we decide differently, we therefore live differently. Decisions are ubiquitous in life. For daily life, I start making decisions the minute I open my eyes lying on the bed. I have to decide whether I should shut down the alarm o'clock and lie there for another five minutes or I should just start getting dressed. ...
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Share Of History
Min1989 2016-12-14 15:43
History is a mirror, by learning which we are able to avoid repeating the mistakes made in the past. This is a cliche constantly dancing on the lips of my history teacher in senior high school. I had absolutely no understanding about why I had to learn what my ancient ancestors had done ages ago. After all what they had done and how they lived their life didn't seem ...
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