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Share Everything I Never Told You
2017-2-25 09:27
Everything I Never Told You This is a book written by Celeste Ng. "Lydia is dead." The whole book starts with this suspicious fact. It's the very first sentence but it has already laid the base of the whole story. It's like I accidentally stumble into the end of the book. Knowing this, I desperately want to find out what has happened to her that leads to her seemingly doomed end of life. Lydia grows up in a middle-class family whose mother M ...
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Share Random thoughts on the book: Steve Jobs
2017-1-12 17:30
I just finished reading Steve Jobs' biography. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be this good, more in terms of his charisma than of the writing. I bought a copycat of the book and paid only $3 for it, which I believe it's something Jobs would personally hate and berate considering how much he valued intellectual property and how much he hated other companies stealing Apple's ideas and ripping it off. To this, I think I should buy an authentic book just for collection and more importantl ...
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Share Reading
2016-12-7 18:00
Emma Watson launched an activity in London by hiding books in the tube stations of London to encourage people to read more. It was a great success. Some people organized the same activity in the subway of Beijing. They even invited quite a few noted celebrities to join this to give it even greater publicity. However, the feedback from the public regarding this seemed rather controversial. Some people complained that it would interrupt the public order since the governme ...
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Share Return to where everything begins
2016-10-18 09:48
My father constantly brings up the topic that he would like to renovate the house in the village where we grew up so that he could spend his retirement years there. He wants to return to be a farmer again and live a purely idyllic life. My grandma from my father's side firmly believed that should she die one da y, she should die on her bed in her own home. So every time when she was hospitalized, she was always concerned that she would die in the hospital and bring bad luck ...
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Share Reflections on Outliers
2016-1-5 09:30
Reflections on Outliers Success is of enormous significance to modern people in this increasingly materialistic world. We chase after success due to different reasons. Most of us eager to be successful because we want to be acknowledged by others. Some of us desire to succeed as we want to climb the social totem pole. Some of us yearn for success simply because we cannot resist the temptation of materials. No matter for what reason , the efforts we have paid duri ...
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Share Random Thoughts on "One Day"
2015-5-7 08:49
Random thoughts on "One Day" As the title suggests, this is not gonna be a proper article, rather than that, this will just be my thoughts pieced together on the book as well as the movie---"One Day". Before you read the rest of this, I suggest you stop right here if you are too crazy about the book as you may feel offended. For starters, this is a realistic story. The story started in 1988 when the major characters Emma and Dexter graduated from the un ...
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  • My Bike? 2017-3-26 21:49

    Yesses.Though for me the first idea comes to me when thinking about resolutions to the issues on sharing bikes is we develop higher level of moral which could contain our behavior to the better direction, penalty rules actually are supposed to the better method of solving the issues. Penalty rules are always the starting point to change people's perspectives of their behavior.

  • My Bike? 2017-3-26 10:48

    shehemego: At my college, there are two bike-sharing companies under their operations of bike sharings. I can see bike-picking-up workers sometimes drive their e ...
    Yeah I do not think I would invest in bike sharing. With better rules I think that bike sharing can be a more valuable social asset helping with transport and pollution reduction and as consumer purchasing power of the Chinese increases larger profit margins will be possible. And yeah there needs to be adequate penalties for abusing the bike sharing system. I read about two Chinese nurses that were jailed in one Chinese city for tampering with share bikes to give them unmetered access and I think this is a bit harsh but appropriate fines could act as suitable deterrent. I wouldnt get hysterical about bike sharing but I think it can work with the right rules and plan.

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