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Share Top 9 Must-visit Places in Singapore
TROFHY 2014-7-30 12:27
Top 9 Must-visit Places in Singapore
On the world map, Singapore is just a dot. What makes this dot so attractive to millions of tourists? Hope you can find the answer in this blog. I’ve carefully picked top 9 must-visit places in Singapore for your information. (Source: Mandarin Oriental) 1. Universal Studios Singapore It’s the first and only Universal Studio in the Southeast Asia. It’s full of fun. Been there for three times, I’m still not tired of it. You can get thrilled with mummy, battle with Decepticons, rocked ...
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Share Take Me to Infinity
TROFHY 2014-7-28 16:36
Take Me to Infinity
This moment The world is around us So pretty Let us live it up The future is in your eyes So bright You shall go for it My love is on my hand So warm I will hold it tight To infinity ...
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Share You Don't Have to Travel the World
TROFHY 2014-7-16 10:02
Traveling the world has somehow been depicted by media as the symbol of bravery and glory. Plenty of young people aspire to be one of the warriors. The hard truth is many real issues get in the way for many traveler wannabes. In the end, some will travel, and some won’t. I do like traveling. I went to Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Bintan in last three months. Those are beautiful memories. I travel to experience the things I haven’t seen and spend some good time with friends and feel the culture. ...
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Share Vertical Integration vs Outsourcing
TROFHY 2014-7-2 11:54
Vertical Integration vs Outsourcing
Vertical integration helps companies save the cost and enhance efficiency. A company becomes vertically integrated when its business is expended into other stages of the production, like a manufacturer merges its distributor or supplier or both. There are some vertical integration examples in smartphones industry: (Source: Vertical Integration, 15 Apr. 2013) Vertically integrated firms like Samsung undertake almost all the tasks in the vertical chain in-house. Contrary to vertical integrat ...
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Share Sun of Beach
TROFHY 2014-6-23 23:23
Sun of Beach
Bintan Island is allegedly the backyard of Singapore. It's only 45-minute ferry trip away. Indonesia rent the northern part of the island to Singapore for 80 years, and several gorgeous resorts have already been built. Hotels and shops there are priced in both Indonesian Rupiah and Singapore dollars. The beaches are amazingly amazing. They are as beautiful as the ones in Bali but less crowded. You rarely see other tourists on weekdays. Last Thursday we ran away from concrete and spent some good ...
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Share 6 Types of People in The Gym
TROFHY 2014-6-18 10:01
6 Types of People in The Gym
I hit the gym this morning and saw a funny dude who kept taking selfies. I thought it might be interesting to write about different types of people in the gym. 1. Attention Seeker They rarely go to the gym. But when they do, they check in on Facebook. Some people just cannot go to the gym without letting the world know. There's a girl I met in the gym. She literally took selfies with every equipment and then just left. I had thought of a caption for her Instagram photo "Having a good tim ...
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Share I Will Put up A Title Later
TROFHY 2014-6-12 10:07
I Will Put up A Title Later
Don't you have anything more important to do rather than read my blog? If the answer is No, please read on. If the answer is Yes, great, read on attentively, because it's about you, procrastinators. A study shows 20% of the population are procrastinators. They habitually and consistently delay tasks. As a "hardcore" procrastinator myself, if I can do my work tomorrow, I won't do it today. I know I'm not eligible to give you tips on procrastination. But I do have some thoughts on it by ...
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Share Smart Phone, Dumb People?
TROFHY 2014-6-5 09:43
When you see a group of weirdos wandering on the street with their heads down. Don't panic, it's not zombie apocalypse. They're just so obsessed to their smart phones. Undeniably, t he little device in your pocket makes a big difference. L ife couldn't be easier. It wakes you up in the morning, keeps you entertained whenever you feel bored, makes your work efficient and brings the world closer to you... In the information age, the little device keeps you updated so that you ...
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Share Weekend Trip to Kuala Lumpur
TROFHY 2014-5-28 09:55
Weekend Trip to Kuala Lumpur
We didn't intend to be on this trip until 3 days before it. We did have a plan though, which is called Follow Your Heart. It's pretty much a spur-of-the-moment trip that we always wanted. Day 1 Airport - Traders Hotel - Suria KLCC - KL Tower - Times Square - Berjaya Theme Park - Cu Cha Restaurant - Petronas Twin Towers - Sky Bar We landed in Kuala Lumpur at 8:30 in the morning. The new international airport, which just came into use earlier this month, is really stylish and ...
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Share Are you ready for overseas study?
TROFHY 2014-5-22 09:33
Are you ready for overseas study?
According to a report published by Education Online, the number of students studying abroad has been continually increasing in recent years. The soaring numbers above mostly owe to China's booming economy and stagnant economy of the western countries, which leads to more middle-class families in China sending their children overseas and some universities lowering their standards to attract more Chinese students. That's why we can see many universities provide English courses and pre ...
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