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6 Types of People in The Gym

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I hit the gym this morning and saw a funny dude who kept taking selfies. I thought it might be interesting to write about different types of people in the gym.

1. Attention Seeker
They rarely go to the gym. But when they do, they check in on Facebook. Some people just cannot go to the gym without letting the world know. There's a girl I met in the gym. She literally took selfies with every equipment and then just left. I had thought of a caption for her Instagram photo "Having a good time in the #gym #sweat #6packs #smile #yolo"...

2. Newbies/Lurker
They don't know the basic techniques and are so lost in the gym. All they can do is run on a treadmill or ride a bicycle. Sometimes they walk around and observe (or stare at) others ro see how they work out. Once I saw a guy playing his phone on a bicycle when I came in. When I left, he's still there. And I never saw him in the gym after that. For lurkers, they probably just want to check out the hot guys and girls in the gym to train the power of their mind.

3. Professional Wannabe
They usually look massive. Not sure if it's because they have too much fat or they are really fit. Some of them make weird noise while working out. Not sure if they're trying too hard or or are having a vocal practice. Sometimes they sound like a pig about to be killed. They are always happy to give advice to other people though. Not sure if they are helping or misleading...

4. Steroids Hulk
Protein shake is acceptable for me, while steroids is way off. I never understand why some maniacs want that much muscle. Too much muscle is not good-looking at all and more importantly cannot be sold like pork...

5. Triangle Upside Down
It refers to the people who only never train their legs. Their upper body looks like the Thor, while the lower body looks like Barbie. My ex-neighbor is one of them. I wondered how the heck his little slim legs can carry his super muscular upper body. I'm curious to ask him "You look so funny. Do your parents know><"

6. Me
I've been working out at the gym for about two years. I conduct the training in accordance with the condition of my body. I don't follow any particular pattern. When I feel like doing chest, I do the chest, simple! I quit protein shake after taking it for few weeks simply because of its awful taste. And I always have my earphones plugged into my ears listening to their favorite pump-up music (recently, Love Runs Out by One Republic), or shooting off a quick text here and there. All in all, I always try to enjoy it.

There're many more other types of people in the gym. All those people together make the gym a place of fun.

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Reply Report 丢人现眼 2014-8-29 07:05
I find the Yelling-type to be the most obnoxious. I've been going to my gym for nearly half a year and I haven't made any friends. I think most people just wanna be left alone. Thank God I haven't come across the creepy lurker.

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