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Share The Graduate
2015-5-26 18:56
The Graduate
Once again, the train named Graduation pulls in as usual, but what makes me feel different this time is that I am one of the passengers on this train. Behind me are the memories of four-year college life that witness the process of my maturity. The best way to take these memories with me is making a graduation photograph album. As far as I know, for overseas graduate class, year book commemorates their graduation;butfor most of the Chinese college graduates, we ...
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Share Why the Chinese don't go Dutch ?
2014-10-22 16:57
Why the Chinese don't go Dutch ?
Recently, I feel burdened when facing the fact that I have to respectively invite so many peopleto dinners. As everyone knows, western people will go Dutch while having a meal in a restaurant, while the Chinese don’t go Dutch, they will pay the bill and check out generously. Western people don’t often entertain guests, while the Chinese often invite friend to dinner, and this is a part of so-called Chinese table culture. I really want to say I'm tired of this kind of culture ...
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Share A Sino-French Town in Chengdu
2014-7-28 11:39
A Sino-French Town in Chengdu
I've been to Bailu Town, a Sino-French town twice in different seasons and appreciated its charm of various kinds. Bailu Town is located in Pengzhou, a county of Chengdu. It's characterized by the distinctive buildings of both Chinese and French features. And also there is a memorial park built on the ruins of the deadly Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. This place is famous for its teaching building of Bailu Primary School, the only building which was found safe and sound after the earthquake, sav ...
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Share My Cool Cousin in the Army
2014-7-24 23:25
My Cool Cousin in the Army
Before this topicdrew my attention, little did I realize that my younger cousin has been in the army for almost one year. In the past, my cousin was such a little devil that he was always getting on the nerves of the family, and his rebellious behaviors, screaming, roaring were the nightmare of the family. But before long, some subtle changes started to take place. That day when my cousin left for Yunnan province to serve in the army, my grandparents together with aunt ...
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Share The Velveteen Rabbit---A Story Not Just for Kids
2014-7-23 21:26
The Velveteen Rabbit---A Story Not Just for Kids
It was a coincidence that I got toknow this children's novel, The Velveteen Rabbit , written by Margery Williams. My mother thought I as a young adult was so childish when I read this book aimed at children, but after finishing this book I really want to say it's a great book not just for little kids. This is a story of astuffed rabbit sewn withvelveteen. The rabbit was given as a Christmas gift to a little boy, but soon was neglected. In the nursery the o ...
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Share The Isolation of Keyboard
2014-7-15 12:55
The Isolation of Keyboard
Once an award-winning public service advertisement was brought to screen on CCTV. It sourced from a piece of installation artwork named the Isolation of Keyboard produced by a Chinese creative designer . This artwork consists of hundreds of 9-cm-high statuettes of which the prototypes stem from realistic family members. All the statuettes are put into hundreds of glass jars respectively. In some of the jars are detained those family memebers who are obessed with computer or ce ...
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Share Youth Literature
2014-7-12 15:16
Youth Literature
Anauthoritativecompositioncontestin China called the New Concept has produced numerous youngwritersinrapidsuccession,mostofwhomarethe post-80sorpost-90s generation. Such writers as the highest earning Guo Jingming and Han han have exploited a great market for theis works, that is, the youth literature, the lion share in modern printing trade of China. Inthepas ...
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Share Job=“Just Over Broke”?
2014-7-8 12:57
Job=“Just Over Broke”?
There’s a saying that goes Job is an acronym for "Just Over Broke". Most workers live within their means; they work and pay the bill. An extract from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad written by Robert T. Kiyosaki has given me a deep insight into the real meaning of “job”. To a larger extent, this book is of great value in offering youngsters many rewarding advice when they are facing the job market. Robert says in his book, “Job security meant everythin ...
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Share British English vs. American English
2014-7-3 17:17
British English vs. American English
Unlike most male students who spend their leisure time by playing basketball or soccer or watching games online, female students would rather stay in dormitory watching TV series, most of which are British or American TV series, such as Downton Abbey or Vampire Diary . What appeals to these girls, I think, is not only the fascinating plot and the attractive actors or actresses but also the language they speak. English, as a language spoken by most people worldwide, has become a tool to ...
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Share Soccer Gambling
2014-7-2 10:56
Soccer Gambling
When it comes to the sports gambling, what is the first to come to your mind? That's right, the horse racing betting. At the very beginning, horses are raced purely for sports, but the racing contest is added more flavor of thrill when it's associated with interest and economic importance. Likewise, the World Cup, one of the most popular international events,steals more global spotlight when it is related to gambling. In so doing, the World Cup has also aroused a stir among fake f ...
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  • Why the Chinese don't go Dutch ? 2019-6-16 17:01

    MichaelM: Western people rarely go Dutch. In fact, I never remember doing this my entire life. We love to entertain and often invite others for meals. Family ga ...
    Don't Dutch people "go Dutch" ? And here's a few squibs for the resident grammarian:

    The sheeps eat fishes. The poops cover the ices. The mouses prefer octopuses."

    Hi ho Silver and away !

  • Why the Chinese don't go Dutch ? 2019-6-6 15:47

    Western people rarely go Dutch. In fact, I never remember doing this my entire life. We love to entertain and often invite others for meals. Family gatherings, romantic dates, friends just meeting up and of course, we nearly always do business over a meal. I don't know which 'Western people' go Dutch, but, it is very rare in America where I come from. On the other hand, we invite others out for meals quite often and love to entertain. We love treating others just out of having a good time together with no expectation of owing favors or 'who bought last time'. We don't keep tabs on owing favors or exchange of favors.

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