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My Cool Cousin in the Army

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Before this topic drew my attention, little did I realize that my younger cousin has been in the army for almost one year. In the past, my cousin was such a little devil that he was always getting on the nerves of the family, and his rebellious behaviors, screaming, roaring were the nightmare of the family. But before long, some subtle changes started to take place.
That day when my cousin left for Yunnan province to serve in the army, my grandparents together with aunt and uncle went to see him off. That day, he became incredibly quiet and docile. It seemed that he grew mature overnight.
(The day when my cousin left for Yunnan)
Just as the characters show in the red flower pinned to his chest, he will be the pride of our family, our country. And sure he does, he had known very clearly that life in the army would be very hard, but he still had the guts to make the decision of being a brave man protecting his family, his country, through the harsh discipline in the army.
(My cousin and grandparents)
(My cousin and his parents)
Much to our delight, he has done pretty well in the army. And he is no longer the little devil as before, instead he has become a real young man.
(Photos of my cousin serving in the army)
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