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The Isolation of Keyboard

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Once an award-winning public service advertisement was brought to screen on CCTV. It sourced from a piece of installation artwork named the Isolation of Keyboard produced by a Chinese creative designer. This artwork consists of hundreds of 9-cm-high statuettes of which the prototypes stem from realistic family members. All the statuettes are put into hundreds of glass jars respectively. In some of the jars are detained  those family memebers who are obessed with computer or cell phone, while others are those in isolation. All the jars are laid out to form a huge computer keyboard, and every family member is isolated in each key of the keyboard.


This artwork offers a direct reflection of the gap between family members owing to Internet or cell phone addiction, which is worsening with the advent of social networks. After work many people would rather update or scan their Microblog and play games on their Ipads or cell phones than chat with their family. Many of us are suffering from FOMO addiction (Fear of Missing Out), we are fearing of missing out any details of our friends or super stars in Microblog but ignore the ones we should really care about. It seems that we are kidnapped by the invisible networks created by ourselves. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but it's worth a second thought about the fact.


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  • Why the Chinese don't go Dutch ? 2019-6-6 15:47

    Western people rarely go Dutch. In fact, I never remember doing this my entire life. We love to entertain and often invite others for meals. Family gatherings, romantic dates, friends just meeting up and of course, we nearly always do business over a meal. I don't know which 'Western people' go Dutch, but, it is very rare in America where I come from. On the other hand, we invite others out for meals quite often and love to entertain. We love treating others just out of having a good time together with no expectation of owing favors or 'who bought last time'. We don't keep tabs on owing favors or exchange of favors.

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