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Who is brainwashing you?

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Have you realized that you are being brainwashed right now? Look at your glazed face! I know you have not realized it yet. Alas! But maybe this is also good for you, because you will always be happy living in the paradise. To some extent, such people are indeed happiness holders, but what I want to address today is brainwash, which happens daily or even every moment in our lives despite the fact that we haven’t even realized it. But who is brainwashing us? This needs some analysis.

1. English learning
In recent years I have often run into a problem: I think in the English way. According to English grammar, we should have a basic structure when we speak, and the basic structure is S (subject) + V (verb) + O (object). But Chinese is quite different, and a sentence is still correct even when there is no subject, and this often occurs in Chinese. For example, in Chinese, there is such a sentence: winter comes, wear more clothes. This sounds confusing in English, for people will ask me: “Who will wear more clothes?” In Chinese, we have subconsciously omitted the subject “everyone”, but this sentence makes sense for Chinese natives. Another example is the way of thinking. In Chinese, you can easily find a news headline like this: Xi’an has excavated large numbers of ancient coins. In English, this is understandable but not really correct in sentence making. The correct English sentence should be like this: Large numbers of ancient coins have been excavated in Xi’an. Xi’an is not the excavator but a place where ancient coins have been excavated. This is the logic of English but not that of Chinese. 

So far, I have been learning English for more than 10 years and I read and make up English sentences each and every day, and my Chinese way of thinking has been seriously affected by English. The two languages differ in logic. Since I have learned English for more than 10 years, I gradually think Chinese appears not logical sometimes compared to English. It’s not that Chinese is wrong, but I have been subconsciously and seriously “poisoned” by English. Indeed, I have learned a new language, but I have been brainwashed by it, which offers me a new system that natives of the language adopt to communicate with each other. This is bad for my Chinese learning but very good for my English learning. Happily, I still learn Chinese every day, trying to refuse English to invade my Chinese. Therefore, this brainwash is not that bad. I have learned a new language after all.

In fact, no matter which subject you choose to learn, you get brainwashed even without your realization. Anyway, this brainwash is relatively positive. You need to learn new things.

In fact, one of our humans’ greatest creations in recent centuries is media, and now media seem to be even more powerful and influential than ever before. Sometimes, I even think media are ruling the world. They can make a person or thing popular or notorious through their reports, although the truth may not be what they have reported. For example, when the media in the US report stories of Trump, their views differ largely from one another. Many bombard him, while others advocate his views. Many people believe him and I believe, to some extent, they have been brainwashed by media. Of course, those who appose him also learn what he does through media reports. They have been brainwashed by media too. 

Nowadays we read online news of numerous types on the phone, and we are being brainwashed by these media every moment. And many of them are disgustingly rubbish, only aiming at bringing traffic to their websites. Although many readers complain about or even swear at them, these readers are being brainwashed. Why? Because such rubbish news pieces bomb your mind quite frequently, and your mind will gradually change or even follow and approve their views after a long time of reading. This is quite bad, because your taste becomes low and your judgment between wrong and right will not be that clear as ever before. You degenerate! 

Another bloody fact is that media sometimes try to cover up some truth that some people or organization doesn’t want us to know. This happens every where in the world because of certain purposes or considerations. Probably this happens under two conditions: power and money. And so, we are brainwashed by the false fact, and some people or organization avoids the punishment of law or rules. In this terrible situation, we turn into idiots when we voice our ideas. 

3.Your boss
This can be easily understood. No matter which company you work for, you must have a boss who wants you to only listen to what he or she says (In fact, most employees don’t and gossip about him or her in private). Actually most teachings are good for employs, because your boss’s aim is to earn as much money as possible, not anything else. So, they work hard to persuade you to apply certain ideas or views of theirs, because if you do so, the company earns money, and you will get equivalent rewards (sometimes you may not think the rewards are fair). But bear in mind: not every brainwash from your boss is good (For example, insurance companies’ brainwashes often sound horrible, and I don’t like them).

During China’s 2017 Spring Festival, I returned to my hometown from Beijing. On the Spring Festival Eve, my mother did one thing as she did every year on that eve: she burned ritual stuff made of special paper to Chinese gods to ask for blessing. But when I asked my mother why she did so, she paused a moment and then answered me: “I really don’t know. I do this because our predecessors taught me to do so as the way of asking for blessing.” Obviously, my mother has been brainwashed by an idea that has been passed from generation to generation. In fact, not only did my mother do so, but also many people on that eve in my hometown, I guess, even across the whole nation. I am not talking about superstition or anything relating to it. I am saying that tradition can brainwash us. We don’t know why, but we confidently do it. Personally, I support my mother and many people across the nation, because this is like psychological therapy and is no harm to society.

However, tradition is not always good and may even sometimes be terrible. Foot-binding was once one of the most popular traditions in ancient and modern China (before 1949). Little girls aged 10 or so would be forced to bind their feet by their parents, because their parents knew that a girl with a pair of bound feet would easily get married and a pair of big feet were not liked by men that time. This sounds horrible, but people during that time were brainwashed or even kidnapped by this idea. Now this tradition has lost flowerbed, but the idea that a man or woman should get married when they are physically mature has never been erased from Chinese people’s minds. When a Chinese parent sees other parents’ children get married, he or she will become worried and anxious, because this is what everybody does when they grow up. When you choose to be single or just don’t want to get married so early, you will probably be attacked by others. That’s tradition! So, I just feel confused about this tradition.

Who will be easily brainwashed?
The four above aspects have partially described brainwash in our life, and of course, there are still lots of aspects that I have no time to discuss here in this article but they do exist, with some being encouraging and others being disgusting. Some people can avoid being brainwashed, but others will be easily affected. Who are the “others”? 

In my theory, brainwash can be divided into two aspects: being brainwashed and accepting brainwash. In general, those who actively accept brainwash are smarter than those who are brainwashed, for the former think and then choose, and the latter are forced to do so. In society, everyone loves accepting good brainwashes and refuse bad brainwashes, which, however, remain very powerful to persuade those who have a strong passion for earning as much money as possible but have no enough real ability to realize their dream, and who are not very well educated.  

Therefore, being brainwashed or accepting brainwash is nearly completely up to you. But at first, you had better accumulate as much useful knowledge as possible, think often, read often and make decisions slowly. 

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