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Share Drained fragrance never lingers
2016-10-10 15:06
You leave or stay, I don’t know, But I want to cater for any of your needs You have mentioned before me. You said you wanted a bar of chocolates, Which smell good and taste delicious, And I ran to the shop and bought the brand you spoke of. You looked glittering taking the chocolates, I smiled looking at your face. You bought a wind-breaker and wore it for me, Saying it was the most beautiful style you had tried. I looked at it and stupidly not spoke highly of the jewelry ...
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Share Wait, I’m here (dreamlike love story)
2014-11-29 22:14
My girlfriend and I were hand in hand walking down a crowded street, but I suddenly halted in excitement and bliss. My girlfriend felt strange about my action and asked: “What’s up?” I subconsciously replied: “I saw her! I told you I had a girlfriend before you.” Without waiting for any of her answers, I had already let go of her hand and rushed to the direction where I saw her back. It was a crossing, and many people were crossing the road. I saw she was still in red among t ...
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Share The Passion of the Bucket
2014-6-15 17:52
Do not give up! Believe real love! The two short lines of one song’s lyrics floated around the crossroad in front of Haidian Hospital at noon on June 13. Passers-by like iron-wrought stuff were attracted and stopped by a singing magnet to watch and listen. A rock music band comprised of three passionate young men, were singing loudly even in a crazy manner while blowing a harmonica, playing guitar and beating drums, behind one entrance of Haidianhuangzhuang (海淀黄庄) subway station. ...
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Share What can I do on Father’s Day?
2014-6-11 14:15
Nearly all the foreign festivals were not my cup of tea a few years ago, for I couldn’t understand why Chinese people should choose foreign festivals as their own. But even that time Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were not excluded by my little brain, for I thought we should have such days celebrated for our parents who have been working hard to feed and educate us. Although today my bias towards foreign festivals has ebbed, my action is still as slow as before. When I was a middle ...
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Share The Dim light of the firefly
2014-6-10 11:37
Always in my heart, That is mum, But no words shall be uttered to her, My soul says. Words are too small, Words are not real, Words are not beautiful, Only inside my heart, The formless feeling stirs like a real soul of the universe, Which helps me sip and enjoy the liquid of love to mum. “But how can you dare to utter your humble words this time?” questions God. “I don’t know.” This feeling maybe has taken into form, Maybe the traceless love has just jerked to another directi ...
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  • The distance between today and yesterday 2017-5-16 21:01

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