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China Built Bridges of Collaboration with Latin America

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After establishing lucrative collaborative agreements in Europe and Africa, President Xi directed his attention to Latin America. Consequently, he seized the opportunity of attending, and giving a keynote speech to, the APEC meeting to embark on a peaceful mission to build bridges of collaboration with Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

The first stop on his mission was to Ecuador where he met with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. During that meeting, President Xi emphasized that China’s offer of help comes with no strings attached. Both presidents agreed to raise China and Ecuador’s bilateral relationship to become a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Considering the fact that Xi was the first Chinese president to visit Ecuador since the establishment of their diplomatic relation in 1980 and China being the third largest trade partner of Ecuador, the event bore an utmost significance to the future generations of both countries.

The two leaders’ meeting led to the signing of several agreements of collaboration that included infrastructure, finance and investment. President Xi assured his counterpart that China will continue to support Ecuador’s chosen path in exploring its development.

The next stop in President Xi’s mission was Lima, Peru where he gave a thought-provoking keynote speech in which he cautioned against establishing exclusive trade agreements between nations in the organization. He stressed the factual common sense that establishing FTAAP is a strategic measure to ensure the long-term prosperity of the Asian and Pacific region and to combat the sluggishness of the global economy.

On the sidelines of the APEC meeting, he met with president Obama and President Putin to explore possible means to strengthen China’s ties with USA and Russia.

He also met with Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. Both leaders vowed to improve the bilateral relation between China and the Philippine and bring it back on track after being strained during the China South Sea conflict

President Xi indicated that the objective behind his visit to Peru is to widen the spectrum of ties between the two nations. He explored with his newly sworn in Peruvian Luz Salgado new venues of mutually-beneficial collaboration between China.

President Xi delivered a speech to the Peruvian congress followed by the two head of states attending the closing ceremony of the China and Caribbean nations 2016 Year of Culture exchange.

Finally, president Xi paid a visit to Chile before heading home. Both presidents negotiated expanding the free trade agreement with Chile that was signed 11 years ago. They, also, explored the possibility of establishing Free Trade Agreement between China and Chile.

President Xi’s tour of Latin American resulted in building bridges of collaboration between China, Ecuador and Chile.

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Latin America is a great potential market, starting with Brazil, which is part of BRICS

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