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Wish everyone a beautiful Mid-Autumn celebration: 中秋节快乐!
  • snowipine: Now is the eve of Lunar New Year, the Year of Sheep. Happy new year! (2-9 22:12)
  • teamkrejados: 祝你和家人春节快乐! Thank you for your warm wishes, dear friend. Wish you a great start to the new year. (2-10 02:36)
2014-9-8 11:48:16 Reply
I took a grueling bike ride on an empty stomach: that was a mistake! However, I have discovered that my hybrid bike does marvelously in the mud. How I have to wash it...
2014-7-2 18:13:15 Reply
I'm off to be a tourist: your eyes in Wuhan. Stay tuned for pictures!
2014-6-17 11:04:54 Reply
Fridays just kill me! Now comes a holiday weekend, so all is well. Wish everyone a great weekend, and a fun holiday.
2014-5-30 21:22:39 Reply
Just spent a great day with my friends. Hope your day was good, too.
2014-5-28 19:13:18 Reply
Just got back from a great bike ride. Sleep will be good tonight!
2014-5-26 21:03:44 Reply
Lost my bank card, but not all is lost!
2014-5-26 11:48:29 Reply
Resting up from a busy week. Wish everyone a good, peaceful weekend.
2014-5-24 12:54:54 Reply
My and my bike, riding into the wind. What joy!
2014-5-22 16:20:36 Reply
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Recent comments
  • The 'Face' Effect 2017-3-6 06:09

    Newtown: So which one is that 'one true god' ? What is his /her /its name ?

  • The 'Face' Effect 2017-3-6 05:31

    teamkrejados: In Zhang Yimou's movie 活着 - To Live, Gong Li gives what I believe is the classic example of Chinese 'face': the man who murdered her son turns up on ...
    The difference is that a Chinese person - like many from other Asian countries such as India - will seek to maintain 'face' in the face (!) of all evidence against what that person has said or done. For example, it a person stole a sum of money they would argue to the ends of the earth that this was not the case, no matter what objective proof was but before them. If eventually they did admit to their fault then they would say that you should not remind them of this act because that would be akin to 'beating them over the head with a stick' - i.e making them lose face once more.

    In such situations these people do not want to take responsibility for their actions. If you asked them 'why?' they did or did not do this - such as in the case of the employer you describe - they would reply 'no why'.

    A western person would more readily admit their responsibility, account for what has happened, and seek to move on in the light of their admissions. e.g. learn from one's mistakes instead of repeating or ignoring them.

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