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Wish everyone a beautiful Mid-Autumn celebration: 中秋节快乐!
  • snowipine: Now is the eve of Lunar New Year, the Year of Sheep. Happy new year! (2-9 22:12)
  • teamkrejados: 祝你和家人春节快乐! Thank you for your warm wishes, dear friend. Wish you a great start to the new year. (2-10 02:36)
  • Ashikujaman: (3-29 01:14)
2014-9-8 11:48:16 Reply
I took a grueling bike ride on an empty stomach: that was a mistake! However, I have discovered that my hybrid bike does marvelously in the mud. How I have to wash it...
2014-7-2 18:13:15 Reply
I'm off to be a tourist: your eyes in Wuhan. Stay tuned for pictures!
2014-6-17 11:04:54 Reply
Fridays just kill me! Now comes a holiday weekend, so all is well. Wish everyone a great weekend, and a fun holiday.
2014-5-30 21:22:39 Reply
Just spent a great day with my friends. Hope your day was good, too.
2014-5-28 19:13:18 Reply
Just got back from a great bike ride. Sleep will be good tonight!
2014-5-26 21:03:44 Reply
Lost my bank card, but not all is lost!
2014-5-26 11:48:29 Reply
Resting up from a busy week. Wish everyone a good, peaceful weekend.
2014-5-24 12:54:54 Reply
My and my bike, riding into the wind. What joy!
2014-5-22 16:20:36 Reply
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  • The 'Face' Effect 2017-3-29 08:28

    HailChina!: Truth.
    In Australia that would be strewth (mate).

  • What is Rude? 2017-3-27 15:57

    oh dear . I whoheatedly agree with you . I am very tired of uncivilized acts like this . I have seen a video which was filmed by a british man who was hit by a car , he was standing on the sidewalk and a drove into him , he requested him to aologized and the driver refused and said : this is china !!! the act was widely condemned by chinese netizens !!

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