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Share No Girls Allowed!
2015-5-23 08:16
It started with trees. Family trees, to be specific. I was talking with my Freshmen about how, in America, families are so disparate that family records are kept in various ways, most commonly on Family Trees. See, in America, the nuclear family – Mom, Dad, siblings – does not necessarily live around their extended family – cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Sometimes, people do not know their extended family. We have family reunions to get everyone, or at least eve ...
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Share What Is Life?
2015-5-21 17:20
I know, I know: trite, tired subject. I'm writing about it after a conversation with my good friend, who just told me a friend of his' husband died 2 weeks ago. Every day she expresses her grief and longing in a brief statement on her homepage. Some days, she makes 2 statements. I can't begin to know how she must feel. She is a young woman, still in her twenties. Her entire life looms ahead, and she must endure it without her partner, her lover, her best friend. Her 5-year ...
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Share A Purposeful Life
2015-5-20 10:43
I am a big fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay titled Self-Reliance. If you’ve not yet read it, I strongly encourage you to. In this essay, the venerable Mr. Emerson talks about eschewing the trappings of society and finding one’s own path. He urges the reader to find rectitude and lead a moral life. He professes that, only by being self reliant, as opposed to relying on the government and being dictated to by society, can one begin leading a decent and purposeful life. He ...
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Share One Word
2015-5-18 12:57
Determined. If I could only have one word to describe the Chinese, that is what it would be. Are the Chinese rude because they jump queue ahead of everyone else? No, they are determined to do what they are there to do. Chinese pedestrians constantly take their life in their hands to cross roads against signals. Do they have a death wish? No. They are determined to get to the other side of the street. The same could be said for drivers: they turn and c ...
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Share At Risk
2015-5-16 09:45
America has long been aware of social pressure causing irrevocable harm to individuals who, for lack of better means of expression or emotional outlet, go on a rampage. Witness: riots in Baltimore and New York, for example. It is frightful, unpredictable behavior. However, America and Americans have taken long strides in recognizing at risk behavior and identifying potential meltdown situations. In China, the subject of mental health, so long taboo but now unavoidable, is gain ...
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Share Foreigners Only!
2015-5-12 09:02
Hello, Expats! Have you signed up for the free trip to Shanxi, advertised on CD's homepage? All you have to be is a foreigner, fluent in English, know something about Chinese culture and architecture, and have published something. Being a good photographer is a bonus. Do you live in Shenzhen? You can join the Futian Volunteer program: ...
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Share Filthy, One-Butt Kitchen! May Day, Continued
2015-5-8 10:50
A 'one-butt' kitchen is a kitchen so small that only one person - 'one butt (屁股)' can fit in it. Such a kitchen is mine, and it works admirably well in my current condition. I only need to stretch and reach rather than hobble around and try to carry things. The downside is that one unwashed dish makes the whole kitchen appear a mess. Now, Imagine so many dirty dishes, pots and pans needing washing that I had to stack some of them on the floor. That is what I woke up to on Sunday...&nb ...
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Share How I Spent My May Holiday
2015-5-6 10:54
How I Spent My May Holiday
There's been so little going on in my life lately, I'm elated to finally take to the keyboard again! I have something to write about!!! YAY!!!! On Thursday, Summer sent me a message. Vanessa, whom you might remember from the entry Another Side of Hangzhou I Did Not Know (posted November 2014) was breezing through town on her way to her village to attend a wedding. Might we get together? As I was answering Summer, Vanessa herself chimed in with the same information. How could I ...
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Share Driving to be First
2015-4-27 11:00
Last weekend was spectacular in Wuhan: sunshine and warm temps. Finally! After weeks of rain and chill! I was so excited for my outing, only the fourth since I've been back in China. And only to grocery shop. Nothing fancy. But I had run out of food, even staples like rice and oil and flour. It was high time to go and there is no better person to enjoy an outing with than my good friend, Gary. Being as I'm still lame, he graciously volunteered to drive me. Apparently everyo ...
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Share The Evening Hours
2015-4-21 18:22
6:30: our little shouter has made it home. An eerie silence fills the vacuum she left with her shouts. While cooking dinner, I think... I have to face it: sometimes children are mistreated in China. As much as I’d believe this is a society that loves and treasures and protects its children, there is evidence to the contrary. Like this poor child in my neighborhood who, most likely on the way home from school is reduced to shrieking agony and driven by vicious tongue lashings along th ...
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  • The 'Face' Effect 2017-3-29 08:28

    HailChina!: Truth.
    In Australia that would be strewth (mate).

  • What is Rude? 2017-3-27 15:57

    oh dear . I whoheatedly agree with you . I am very tired of uncivilized acts like this . I have seen a video which was filmed by a british man who was hit by a car , he was standing on the sidewalk and a drove into him , he requested him to aologized and the driver refused and said : this is china !!! the act was widely condemned by chinese netizens !!

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