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Share The Rise of the Cyber-Bully
2016-6-11 08:45
While cyber-bullying in America has garnered a lot of attention, mainly due to attacks on social media that lead the victims to commit suicide, in China it has been a relatively rare phenomenon till now. However, instances of cyber-bullying are on the rise here, as evidenced by this article, posted in ChinaDaily: America has made laws in the face of cyber-bullying. China's cyber-laws are still in their infanc ...
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Share The Bucket List
2016-6-3 15:55
Yes, I am shamefully borrowing a movie title! It was a great movie about 2 men from different social classes, 'stored' in the same hospital room for their terminal illnesses. See, sickness and death do not care if you are wealthy or poor. You could say that they equalize us all. BUCKET LIST: a list of things to do, places to see, foods to eat before one dies. The phrase comes from the American colloquialism 'to kick the bucket', meaning 'to die'. A bucket list ...
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Share Happy Birthday, ChinaDaily!
2016-6-1 09:16
China's #1 English language paper was 'born' 35 years ago, today. At that time I was a young mother, living in Germany. I had thought my path in life had already been decided, for better or worse. I had no idea of China Daily's existence, and it knew nothing of me. Fate would bring us together. When CD was 27 – an age in humans that I consider optimal, I had the privilege of visiting China for the first time. I didn't want to because all I knew of China was what I had heard o ...
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Share Election Year in America
2016-5-28 15:39
Perhaps only residents of Tristan Da Cuhna and remote monasteries are unaware of the heated campaigning going on in America right now. Forerunners are Donald Trump – Republican, and Hillary Clinton – Democrat. More than ever, their campaigns consist of mud-slinging, rather than focusing on the issues facing American society and what they intend to do about them, if elected. Mud-slinging: attempting to discredit an opponent. Many times I've heard Chinese frien ...
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Share In Response to Samlam's Post
2016-5-25 08:20
A new law was just passed in America, stating that the words 'Black' and 'Oriental' – to describe 'non-whites' have been banned. Henceforth, those of Asian descent are to be called Asian-Americans and those of Congoid descent are now designated African-Americans, regardless of whether their lineage traces back to Africa or elsewhere that biological taxon may originate. And regardless what people of those races/ethnicities call themselves. While people in Chin ...
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Share NOT My Mother!
2016-5-9 19:34
Of course, all of our mothers are saints: wise dispensers of comfort and advice, doers of good deeds, veritable fountains of kindness and love, the epitome of beauty. If that's the case, why the saying: 'You're turning into your mother'? It is usually uttered by husbands – we all know the old joke about how sons-in-law and wives's mothers supposedly get along, right? Or, a middle-aged woman might, aghast at her own proclivities, mutter to herself: “I am NOT turning into my mother!” ...
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Share Arrival Chengdu
2016-4-23 09:33
Carrie Ann and Olaf both napped on the plane. No nap for me! After the two-hour flight I was eager to debark our craft and start seeing the sights. My travel companions were too fuzzy-headed from sleep to have that same level of excitement. Here is a throwback to air travel of yesteryear: the plane parked on the tarmac and a bus met us to take us to the terminal. Imagine a huge parking lot with a plane here and there, and regular, city sized buses circulating between them, ...
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Share Destination: Chengdu
2016-4-16 12:11
I had long wanted to visit Chengdu. The only thing I really knew about that city is that there was a huge Buddha statue carved by a blind monk somewhere nearby. I wanted to go see it. As far as Chengdu was concerned? Well, a city is a city is a city. While most cities have their particulars, each city has shops, people, roads and tourist attractions. I’m coming to realize that a lot of cities look alike with their chain stores and franchised restaurants; it is the feel of them that are ...
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Share The Demise of Cathy-The-Kid
2016-4-10 10:39
As you can guess by this title, I’m going for a Western theme. Not Western as in west of China but as in John Wayne, good guys/bad guys and riding off into the sunset, leaving Ms. Kitty behind. And no, I do not REALLY die. That, like in the movies, is just make believe. Otherwise it would be very strange for me to still be writing blog entries, don’t you think? Ok, we’ve had a nice chuckle, now on for the story… and the ensuing laughs. Over dinn ...
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Share Huangpi Impressions
2016-4-7 10:55
When Sam introduced the idea of observing Qing Ming with Penny's family, I thought it would be a day trip: drive to the village, make our obeisances, and be back home in time for dinner. I had no idea, until the day of departure, that the affair would consume nearly the entire weekend. I'll admit I balked: Extended socializing has always been difficult for me. And so long in the company of virtual strangers! Even though I had met most of Penny's family, and Sam and Erica would also be ...
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  • The 'Face' Effect 2017-3-29 08:28

    HailChina!: Truth.
    In Australia that would be strewth (mate).

  • What is Rude? 2017-3-27 15:57

    oh dear . I whoheatedly agree with you . I am very tired of uncivilized acts like this . I have seen a video which was filmed by a british man who was hit by a car , he was standing on the sidewalk and a drove into him , he requested him to aologized and the driver refused and said : this is china !!! the act was widely condemned by chinese netizens !!

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