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  • Wish everyone a beautiful Mid-Autumn celebration: 中秋节快乐! Reply
  • I took a grueling bike ride on an empty stomach: that was a mistake! However, I have discovered that my hybrid bike does marvelously in the mud. How I have to wash it... Reply
  • I'm off to be a tourist: your eyes in Wuhan. Stay tuned for pictures! Reply
  • Fridays just kill me! Now comes a holiday weekend, so all is well. Wish everyone a great weekend, and a fun holiday. Reply
  • Just spent a great day with my friends. Hope your day was good, too. Reply
  • Just got back from a great bike ride. Sleep will be good tonight! Reply
  • Lost my bank card, but not all is lost! Reply
  • Resting up from a busy week. Wish everyone a good, peaceful weekend. Reply
  • My and my bike, riding into the wind. What joy! Reply
  • Real Namekathy krejados
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1962 Year 9 Month 21 Day
  • BirthplaceFrance Aquitaine Gironde
  • ResidenceChina Hubei Wuhan
  • EducationSpecialist
  • Making friends purposeYou can never have too many friends

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Health Care in Engineering Terms 2016-12-17
I don for a moment my engineering hat, that I wore for more than fifteen years before hanging it up to become a globe-trotting teacher. F ...
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What is Rude? 2016-12-10
Early morning, my neighbor clatters down the stairs. Just about when he hits the first landing, right by my apartment door, he makes a great honki ...
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The 'Face' Effect 2016-11-27
Giving 'face' is a Chinese expression for respect and civility. In everyday society, it is common to 'give face' to people, even those you don't l ...
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Like I Ever Had a Dog or a Cat 2016-11-12
“I love you so much! I love you! I love you like I ever had a dog, or a cat! I LOVE YOU!!!” I roared with laughter at this dec ...
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The Top Five 2016-10-21
With no set curriculum to teach and no mandatory assignments to give out, I have the latitude to talk about anything that strikes our fancy in cl ...
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Do You Have an English Name? 2016-10-01
T'is the season, again, for freshmen to hit the classrooms. Tanned from their 2-week military stint, they eagerly await their foreign teacher's d ...
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english2008 2018-3-29 20:45:14
When I studied at my young age, I had the opportunity to observe and study in Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu and other places. Every time I saw some common historical place names from Historical Records and Historical Events Retold as a Mirror for Government, I would be full of myriad emotions, spontaneously rising an indistinct feeling passing through time and space, because in reality the place names would present in the boundary of the road I walked on. It seems that Chinese long history and c ... ...
laocheng_666666 2017-2-16 10:57:17
teamkrejados: I am a teacher in Wuhan. Where are you? What do you do?
Kathy, I have sent you my message, but I wonder if you have seen it.
laocheng_666666 2017-2-15 11:24:10
teamkrejados: I am a teacher in Wuhan. Where are you? What do you do?
Hi, Kathy. I am sorry for being late to answer you. I am from Qingdao, a beautiful City. You can call me Laocheng. Hope you will visit Qingdao. I work in a middle school as a teacher.

How have you been these days? Do you still live in Wuhan now?
laocheng_666666 2017-2-15 10:58:55
teamkrejados: I am a teacher in Wuhan. Where are you? What do you do?
Sorry, teamkrejados. I haven't come here for a long time. And I apologize to you for being late to answer you. I am from Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city . Hope you visit this city. Glad to know that you are in Wuhan. How have you been these days? Are you still in Wuhan now?
AndrewHLi 2017-1-15 19:02:03
Hi,Madam. How are you now? I have not seen you shown up for some time.
BlondeAmber 2016-12-3 18:09:49
teamkrejados : Hi! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend. I wonder if you know about China Foreign Teacher's Union? ... the China Foreign Teacher's Union is a fake organisation. for one thing, a union, especially one allegedly set up for and dealing with foreigners, would be illegal in China. There has been a lot about it online and it has proven to be the case. The 'meetings' never happened and a lot of the posters are the same peo ... ...
laocheng_666666 2016-10-11 15:14:34
teamkrejados: I would be delighted to be your friend! Write on!
How have you been, Kathy? Very glad to communicate with you. Do you work in China?
teamkrejados 2016-7-25 20:28:57
Greetings from Germany! Hope you and yours are surviving China's crazy weather.
SharkMinnow 2016-7-24 10:52:26
And a good day to you Ma'am! :)
loststar 2016-7-19 12:39:28
teamkrejados : Good question, my friend. Just a few days ago I was contemplating a wide-open summer; now my schedule is filling up quickly... TOO quickly! When I ha ...    Shenzhen is very hot at summer,it is the best time to go swimming at sea beach or indoor pool. I lived at Shenzhen over 10 years, if you have any chance traveling here, I am pleased to lead you any where you want to go.  Do you have microblog like Twitter or any skype so that we can approach each oth ... ...
tina9119 2016-7-12 09:13:03
teamkrejados: Hi Tina! I'm delighted to be your friend!
Wish you a beautiful day.
aha, i'm so happy.
seanboyce88 2016-6-21 16:34:16
teamkrejados : I thank you again for your staunch (and vociferous!) support against my bully and now, her cohort. When I finally make it to Harbin, I'll owe you seve ... Also I think you need to do a class on understanding patriotism. It seems to be confusing your student somewhat. I get this in my PhD classes. I told someone I didn't care what the british government were doing and they lost it. "How can you not love your country?" The very concept is foreign to them. I find it bi ... ...
seanboyce88 2016-6-21 16:30:51
teamkrejados : I thank you again for your staunch (and vociferous!) support against my bully and now, her cohort. When I finally make it to Harbin, I'll owe you seve ... You are always welcome. Like I said to the other bully, I have sat amongst the students and seen this rubbish first hand, including the threats of bad teacher reviews etc...(Although I wouldn't worry about that, managment in China I am sure don't read that stuff) Yes, I was going to explain to her about how she misunder ... ...
loststar 2016-6-16 00:28:33
teamkrejados: Glad to be your friend! Wish you a great day.
when you have a chance to travel to Shenzhen ?
12342904 2016-6-9 11:02:15
teamkrejados: Yes, you have made this criticism before, and I asked you then: which class? Who are you? You did not answer.
If you won't communicate with me, I can ...
teacher .threat us get you no place .
12342904 2016-6-7 16:55:56
teacher you make no real to help us .we are young and you are wrong influences on classmates .out of touch our generation and not actively in class .very too old for us to folow
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