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Share Science and Heart
2014-5-31 23:39
In my two previous blogs Can Your Heart Think? and Insights into the Heart I introduced the idea that the heart is probably much more significant and important than what our regular education teaches and what common sense tells us. In other words I believe that the idea found in early Chinese medicine scriptures that heart is in charge of our thinking has a valid basis. All Confucian, Daoist and Buddhist thinkers who pointed to the wisdom of the heart were not just dreamers, t ...
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Share Insights into the Heart
2014-5-31 18:34
In my previous blog Can Your Heart Think I promised I was going to introduce some recent scientific researches about the heart, that I think is going to change forever how we used to think about the heart before. I find that those researches are very significant and they confirm a long Chinese cultural tradition where the heart was always seen as an import center of consciousness. It is amusing to see that most of Western translators when translating Chinese works into English very seldom ...
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Share Can Your Heart Think?
2014-5-31 12:01
By means of what do you think? Can you locate your thoughts? Are your thoughts in your head? Or somewhere else? Are you like most of us, who have received regular education, and believe that according to modern science we think with the brain? Is it possible that your thoughts are not confined to that comparatively little round box that you always carry on your shoulders? Is it possible that we think not only with the brain, but also with other parts of our bodies? If som ...
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Share Your Best Friend - Intuition
2014-5-29 23:22
Today I want to write about intuition. When I was still a teenager, I remember my father once was explaining to me what intuition was, using an example from soccer game. He said, when you play soccer game, intuition is a feeling that you suddenly get about doing a move that does not come from logic, but rather is like a sudden lightning. You suddenly know what to do to achieve a certain result without thinking much about that. English speaking people would say that my father was talking ab ...
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Share Dreams - Signs of Reality
2014-4-30 16:14
Let's talk about the dreams. There are dreams that are beautiful wishes and desires for the future, dreams that we think during the day. And there are dreams that we dream when we sleep. Here I want to focus on the latter ones. The ones that are so often ignored, neglected and forgotten. As a quote says: "But those who think that visions and dreams are caused by indigestion, can easily sleep through the most valuable signs of reality." We know that the famous Russian chemist and inventor  ...
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Share A Magic Time
2014-4-26 01:01
A Magic Time
I think that most of us have something what could be called a magic time. A magic time is a period in your past which you remember from time to time very vividly with a sense of beauty and appreciation of all what happened during that magic time. For me one of this kind of time was during my three visits to United States. I lived in a small University town - Columbia in the State of Missouri. My last place was in so called University Terrace - a group of about twenty to thirty, two floor height, ...
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Share Stumbling Stones in a Fairy Tale
2014-4-20 17:26
After writing my first five blogs here, my first five blogs in my life, I suddenly realized that I have no clue what else I can say here. Initially, I wanted to share my experiences in China. I found that the way I experienced things here was in many aspects quite different from other foreigners whom I knew. I think I never said this quite in straightforward way like I do it now, because saying something like that means calling for a challenge. But that is how I feel and that is what I am more o ...
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Share A Magnifying Glass
2014-4-6 15:10
After writing my first four blogs here, the first blogs in my life, I suddenly started to hesitate. Should I continue writing? Is it really so meaningful? Am I doing it for others or just for myself? Out of my own personal significance? I thought if personal significance is the first and the main factor, maybe I should just stop writing, erase the blogs if possible and do something else. I also was somehow not used to a feeling that what I wrote is being read by hundreds of people every day, by ...
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Share Escape from the Matrix
2014-3-31 23:12
I want to continue the series of blogs on my, as a foreigner's, experience in China, but before I move on, I thought it would be meaningful and interesting first to focus more on my path of learning Chinese language, I mean Standard Mandarin, or 普通话 pu tong hua , or just 汉语 han yu . Because learning a language was one of the main important factors why I came here in the first place and that was a driving influential force that shaped the whole experience in China. ...
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Share Sadness and Happiness or Other Things that can't be told
2014-3-31 12:54
When I was around 20 years old, I have discovered Herman Hesse's book "Siddharta". I enjoyed reading the book a lot, however after the years were passing by, I also realized that I had missed a lot in the book. Some of the things that I missed, now seem so obvious and significant, but by that time they had disappeared among other "more important" things for my age. Thanks to my good friend, who the same as I, "got stuck” in China, I was reminded again of one such passage in "Siddharta", a small ...
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  • Dreams - Signs of Reality 2014-5-10 07:33

    juliuy: Thanks for the comment! It is not only our brains, hearts also do a lot during the sleep.

    I used to fly and visit some people through the windows in  ...
    "body is afraid of the spirit" will get me thinking for days!

    I didn't know it's bad to go through winows, sounds interesting. I always used the door- slipped in when I see it open ^^

    And when I change places, I can't be sure where I am when I wake up, similar to your experience but doesn't necessarily mean I think of the previous place fondly. After coming back to China, several times I had dreams that I was still back in the house I stayed in Korea, and when I woke up it took me some time to notice that I came back ^^

  • Dreams - Signs of Reality 2014-5-9 23:23

    Maierwei: Sleep is a speed recovery for the body, so of course it has a meaning! But our brains are still unsolved and nobody knows what exactly happens while o ...
    Thanks for the comment! It is not only our brains, hearts also do a lot during the sleep.

    I used to fly and visit some people through the windows in my dreams. Until I was told it is not good to go through the windows in your dreams. It is a bad sign or something like that.

    Somewhere it was said that body is afraid of the spirit. Sometimes we are scared of what is real  

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