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Share Asia Summit
2014-5-21 00:17
Asia Summit It can be funny how regional tensions can tend to coalesce before big Geo-political conferences. The Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia is one such instance. The past month has been quite eventful, a military coup in Thailand after months of gridlock and political infighting, the recent riots and violence in Vietnam, and terrorism by Xinjiang separatists. I am sure there will be no shortage of subjects to talk ab ...
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Share 2014-05-13
2014-5-13 19:36
Who'll stop the rain It's that time of the year apparently in Shenzhen. We always said April showers bring May flowers back in the United States, but in Shenzhen it seems the end of winter brings endless days of rain. I found it quite jarring at first as it limits your activities a bit. However, now that the humidity and the heat are coming in full force, I like that moment right after it rains where there is a coolness to the surrounding air. I suppose it's for t ...
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Share 2014-05-07
2014-5-7 13:14
This is post that I wanted to get around to last week but I got swamped with work. After a few year lull, the United States is back on it’s “Asia Pivot” that President Obama wanted to highlight in his first term ,but it quickly became overshadowed by healthcare. However now, he is back on this effort to contain and control China. Recently he claimed that the pivot and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) were not done to contain or coerce China. This is ...
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Share 2014-04-27
2014-4-27 19:27
The Potty Heard Round the World The call of nature, it happens to us all, and while I was going to write about the motives behind the US's Asia-Pivot this story caught my eye. I am of course referring to the a resident of Hong Kong filming a toddler going to the bathroom in Hong Kong. Anyone who has travelled to China or indeed many parts of the world, this is no new experience. Initial surprise or shock from the first such an incident fades quickly. ...
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Share 2014-04-22
2014-4-22 13:46
Teaching Chinese Style Good news today, I found out that I will be brought back for next year to teach in Shenzhen again. This was a weight hanging over me the past month, as I really wanted to stay here. I feel like my life in China is just beginning and did not want it to come to an abrupt even if temporary end. As I reflect on the year thus far I am not filled with many regrets, only ones that can be remedied. Such as my m ...
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Share To the Merits of Chopsticks
2014-4-15 14:27
To the Merits of Chopsticks I recently had a clogged drain and the material might have proven resistant to pipe cleaning liquids. The reason I thought this was because it wasn't animal fats or what they are usually designed to break down. My drain has a swivvel valve, and as such I can only access about 35% of the drain on each side at a time with the middle blocked. I tried to use various things to get the clog out to no avail, and indeed had just ma ...
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Share Food, delicious food
2014-4-8 14:00
I don't think I've...well no, that's not correct. I know that I have eaten more rice in the past eight months than I have eaten previously in my entire life. The cuisine here in Guangzhou is of course rice based, and while I am more used to the bread and noodle based savory cuisine of North China, I do enjoy Guangdong cuisine. Even though white rice is the staple, the food here is quite varied and living in a major port is helpful. As a teacher who lives at works at my sc ...
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Share Living near Hong Kong
2014-3-30 23:40
I make this post with some trepidation as it's a very sensitive topic but I have this blog classified as news as because that is really what interests me. My fear is that it will alienate some of my readers but these are my thoughts and I stand by them. I know two of my previous posts were much more of a foreigner in China blog about daily life. This is a post I have been wanting to make since I started living in Shenzhen. I had visited Hong Kong prior to living in C ...
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Share Living and working in Shenzhen
2014-3-26 02:19
I enjoy living in Shenzhen although I live a bit in a bubble in because I live at my school. Despite having a love of travel and exploration of other places, I am a creature of habit, I have my routines and I like to plan things in advance. As such once I got used to living in China I stuck to my old habits. Chatting with friends and sometimes going out on the weekends but being a bit of a homebody. I don't drink and I'm not a big fan of clubs so my life is a bit bo ...
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        • Asia Summit 2014-5-21 10:00

          Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

        • 2014-05-07 2014-5-10 10:40

          I know little of international relations, but I can see from this example as well as previous examples that the US is quick to determine other countries as a threat if they try to strengthen themselves because they/we want to remain the only superpower.

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