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Share The legend of Goddess Mazu
2017-2-23 14:25
The legend of Goddess Mazu
Hailing from a multicultural heritage, I grew up listening to all kinds of stories about legendary heroes and Goddesses. Over the years, my love for legends never ceased. I was always curious to discover new heroes and heroines who gave a sense of hope to millions of people through barriers of time and geography. Six years ago, when i embarked upon my journey to China, I knew that my destination was a treasure trove of legends as old as the skies and thus began my quest of unearthin ...
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Share Winds of Winter
2016-12-19 23:52
Winds of Winter
As the cold is sweeping across all the regions of China, it is hard not to notice how everything changes during winter. The tall gigantic trees that covered the roads majestically with their branches hovering with leaves stand as lonely beings stripped off of what used to be their pride. In places like Fuzhou, the sun plays an endless game of hide and seek and often remains hidden for days altogether. Suddenly, everything around us seems so cold and frosty; as if living in a gigantic refri ...
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Share The year of the Monkey: gratitude, eternal hope and love
2016-2-9 23:20
MylifeinChinahasnotalwaysbeenaneasyone.TheveryfirstandobviousobstaclethatIfacedwasthelanguagebarrier.Thenexthurdlewastheacademiccurriculum.Studyinginchinacanbesodifferentatsomanyinstancesandfacingthemwerecertainlynot ...
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Share Teachers
2015-12-2 18:08
Many of us know that learning is an on-going process in life but most of us fail to realize that even teaching is a kind of never ending process. Yes. Teaching. We have become so focused in assigning specific roles to ourselves and to all those surrounding us that, in the end, we have forgotten about this one role that we have to keep playing every second of our lives. So engrossed in essaying for other roles, we tend to ignore and sometimes even fail at this small but significant role. ...
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Share The last days of June in Fuzhou
2015-6-30 22:54
The last days of June in Fuzhou
The last days of June have been very special to me... I still remember four years ago, I took my flight to China in the last days of June. Today, four years on... i still experience myriads of feelings during the last days of June. First, The end of June marks the actual start of the heat wave in Fuzhou. Not that I do not like the sunshine but Fuzhou's summer is remarkably hot. Staying in Fuzhou through the last days of June until July is really a pain. ...
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Share China... 4 years on ...
2015-6-5 13:50
China... 4 years on ...
It has now been four years that I have been in China, four years where I have learnt myriad of things about life, four years of incessant discovery in China, four years of emancipation and four years of progress. As I go four years back to who I was, I can certainly say that I have grown in many ways. I have become used to many Chinese practices, I have adapted myself to many Chinese behaviors and lifestyles. Four years on, I still find it funny when I encounter certain s ...
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Share A tour in Fuzhou Daxuecheng
2015-5-31 22:26
A tour in Fuzhou Daxuecheng
I should say I witnessed the worst possible weather in Fuzhou for the last one week. It has been raining all through the week and when Sunday dawned into a beautiful cloudy day, I decided to take my chances and stroll through my university town. I live in a land of universities and I was always very thrilled to go about and enjoy the architectural beauties that each university had to offer. Every university in our town was unique in its own way and certainly beautiful in ...
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Share Being a medical student in China...
2015-5-21 22:30
Being a medical student in China...
Life as a medical student in China has not always been a piece of cake. There are many obstacles that pulled me back through my journey of living my dream; that of being a doctor. Still, life always pointed out to me that after the rain comes the sun... Indeed, with every obstacle that I encountered with, came a small victory. First, there was an obvious language barrier that made communication hard. Yet, with time, that appeared to have disappeared to an extent. Today, when i s ...
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Share Road to 旗山 万佛寺...
2015-4-28 19:13
Road to 旗山 万佛寺...
It was a typical cloudy afternoon in Fuzhou, a seemingly boring afternoon where I didn't have anything interesting to do. I just decided to take a stroll around my campus to get some fresh air. As I got out, the first thing that seemed to have caught my attention were those gigantic Qi (旗)mountains. I have always had the habit of gazing at them ever since I came to Fuzhou but today they seemed different. I felt like something was pulling me towards them. Surprisingly, I bumped into a fr ...
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Share Fuzhou.. The birthplace of a Hero ...
2015-4-1 23:28
Fuzhou.. The birthplace of a Hero ...
Having spent almost four years in fuzhou, I thought I knew a lot about this place I now call home. But, yet again, Fuzhou will never cease to surprise me. Every passing day in this city of fortune is a new adventure with a new lesson to be learnt. A casual stroll today along the Fuzhou San fang Qi xiang - 三坊七巷- made me stumble upon a piece of Fuzhou's history. What made my discovery altogether more special and surprising was the fact that I came to know that this very city was actually ...
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medical student in China

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  • Winds of Winter 2016-12-22 10:50

    Wind and Window and Winter;
    Sun and warm and Summer!

    (Cold wind through the Window in Winter;
    The Sun is warm in Summer!)

    Is there logical relationship among those words?

  • Winds of Winter 2016-12-21 08:37

    we have highlighted your blog. thanks for sharing it here.

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