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Share Photo Blog - Beijing's Wangfujing Snack Street
Anming 2016-1-23 12:11
Wangfujing ( 王府井) literally means " Prince's Mansion Well ". It is a famous shopping street in Beijing's Dongcheng district w ith commercial activities since the middle of the Ming Dynasty. D espite the cold winter months, sellers will offer their goods all over the year. A last refuge for experienced bargainers after Silk Yaxiu Market have been transformed into shopping malls.
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Share A New Year's Resolution for China
Anming 2015-12-31 16:35
A New Year's Resolution for China
- Anming - Some people think that making New Year's resolutions is ao-te , just like watching 'dinner for one' whole length or wearing long-sleeved bodysuits. I don’t belong to them. In fact, I am pretentious enough to make a New Year's resolution not only for myself, but for the entire People’s Republic of China: Keep your lungs clean. I am still shocked about the huge amount of people running around Beijing during air alert without protection. Even more ...
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Share Trip to Xinjiang - Contribution to China Daily's Topic
Anming 2015-10-26 16:20
- Anming - There are powerful sentences you might come across when living in China. One of them is: China is too big . You got lost in narrow Hutong alleys, the Chinese next to you can point north with the accuracy of a compass needle, but can’t say where the next public toilet is? You are stuck with the typical air pollution office talk on a grey Beijing morning or conversation over the correctness of China’s GDP growth figures? There is one sentence, which is never misplaced and h ...
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Share Autumn in Beijing
Anming 2015-10-9 16:21
- Anming - Some people are easily influenced by music, others by written words, and some - me included - by both. During the last weeks, listening to the new Libertines album (recommended!) and reading short stories by Hemingway made me feel a bit like a teenager again. However, I am already in the summer of my life and should read accordingly. The summer book of choice is the Chin Ping Mei, " Golden Lotus " or " The Plum in the Golden Vase ". Hard to find, I ma ...
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Share Fifty Shades of White
Anming 2015-5-17 13:19
- Anming - Summer season started, no doubt. My Beipingyang consumption doubled, I started misusing my dumpling dough roller for after-work mojitos and I got my umbrella out of the closet. Right, some laowais, me included, worry about getting sunburnt. Spending most of my childhood summers on Italian beaches, I still recall shocking images of British tourists slowly peeling off their lobster-red skin, reassuring each other: “ That will be a golden tan by tomorro ...
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Share Why Beijing Roast Duck and Celine Dion are not a good match
Anming 2014-11-16 18:37
- Anming - I was enjoying my Beijing Roast Duck when the pianist started playing my heart will go on . While I hoped for the Crown Plaza in Wangfujing to turn into a wild-west saloon (the pianist is always the first one to get shot), my friend started defending Celine Dion and accusing me of intolerance. No doubt, individual freedom is gradually gaining popularity in the middle kingdom, but that doesn’t mean that people are given carte blanche to make the world a tackier place. Are ...
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Share Am Kahlenberg zu Wien - Contribution to FLASH EUROPA 28
Anming 2014-10-31 14:28
- Anming - The European Union, t he most expensive peace project since the Treaty of Nanking, has launched a project to bring European short fiction to Chinese readers. FLASH EUROPA 28 is organized by the Delegation of the European Union to China, in association with the Bookworm and the member states' embassies. I am glad to be among the five Austrian writers contributing to the project. Despite the hideous art work and a translation, which lacks linguistic sensitivity ...
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Share No Dogs, No Chinese
Anming 2014-9-28 22:55
No Dogs, No Chinese
- Anming - Life in China is full of mystery. Walking through the crowded streets of this vast city, we cannot help but ask ourselves… Where is the closest entrance to the Beijing underground city? Did Mao give a second piece of paper to Hua Guofeng, saying “ 如果有问题,问江青 ”? And what about the infamous “ No dogs and Chinese allowed ” sign at the entrance of Huangpu Garden during the 1950s? While historians are debating its existence, discrimination against Chinese withi ...
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Share Peeping Toms and Metro Gropers - Sexual Harassment in China
Anming 2014-8-22 21:43
- Anming - Yesterday, I used the toilet at the Yunnan restaurant In Out in Chaoyang and a cook hid behind the door to watch me. No, I didn’t forget to close the door. Yes, the toilet doors at In Out have holes. Further elaborating here on what is wrong with holes in toilet doors would go beyond the scope of this post. However, it should be mentioned that In Out’s toilet doors fail terribly on the two big criteria to evaluate things – beauty and purpose. I checked my watch, ...
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Share Lost between systems
Anming 2014-8-2 23:12
- Anming - What happened to The East is Morgenroethe ? No, I did not get addicted to online poker, Zombie vs Plants or virtual farming now that China Daily gave me an iPad. I also didn’t become victim of president Xi’s quest for hunting flies and tigers, 老虎的屁股 ... I was on my personal quest to my Chinese work permit, for which I had to leave the country… ahem, the system . The fragrant harbour of Hong Kong smells like a mixture of tige ...
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