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Being Polite and Fake Expectation 2015-04-30
If you have a Chinese friend, you will often hear them say : "Next time, I will invite you to come over to my place" Most of your Chinese friend w ...
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I'M BAAAACCCKKKK!!!! 2015-04-03
Hello everyone.  Some of you might know me, but I'm sure most of you don't. I'm a former participant in the first expat blog contest together wit ...
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The Origin of Qixi Festival 2014-08-02
Zhinü (weavergirl) is a goddess whose job is to weave colourful clouds in the heaven. One day she feels bored and decided to have some fun in ...
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Your Exist Inside My Song 2014-07-31
I want to share with all of you my favorite Chinese song. This song is a song about love and destiny, how fate bring two people together. Have ...
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The day when I ate a DONKEY... 2014-07-31
In China I've seen a lot of strange dishes : turtle soup, fried silkworm, deep-friend snake skin, dog stew etc etc but I'm afraid to try them ...
(3959) readings|(0) comments
Best Chinese Movies You Should Watch (July Edition) 2014-07-31
3. Sophie's Revenge ( 非常完美 ) Approximately one month before her wedding to handsome doctor Jeff, pretty cartoonist Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) ...
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Libruce 2014-6-4 02:45:21
Sorry forgot to mention ' wo ai ni' means I love you so 520 means " I love you"
Libruce 2014-6-4 02:43:53
Hi, I read your article about number superstitions of Chinese people. I lived in Guangzhou(where people speak Cantonese) for over 10 years , the number 8 is still pronounced as " ba" not " fa". But Chinese people are good at associating numbers with stuff they like( or they don't like) . Such as 520 can mean " wo ai ni " while their original pronunciation is " Wu er ling". It becomes a kind of valentines' day for nowadays young people.
Kabisco751 2014-5-20 01:57:38
Hi, is great to be connected with you. You are most welcome.we can be liaising with each other sharing ideas,experience and knowledge.Cheers
seanboyce88 2014-5-12 18:59:25
Loving your profile pic. The guys a legend :p
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