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Follow up to My "Observation" Articles - Then a Question to the Reader

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As you can see from the attached graphic below - the official election results for the County of Cook for the April 7, 2017 elections ( have recorded that the 4th position for the Hinsdale Library Board was elected with only 23 Votes.  While I did predict that the position would be had for less that 400 votes in my previous article - I am not too happy to see the threshold to be much, much lower.  Suffice to say that the Hinsdale Village Caucus has its work cut out for itself for the 2019 Elections.  Then again, if the villagers of Hinsdale were more interested in how their local government taxes them and what amenities they provide for said funds, then the vote turnout - if not the turnout for candidates - would have been quite more substantial to begin with.


As for myself – it appears I need to find my muse again, given my lack of output of late.  Not that there is not a good deal of topics involving China that I can espouse upon.  Any suggestions from the readership?

With just 23 Votes - One Person will have the ability to affect a population of 17,000

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Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-5-22 21:35
Are you sure this blog of yours and the previous ones are meant for Chinese audience? lol, you are unbelievably eccentric as you claim to be yourself.
Reply Report tradervic 2017-5-23 03:03
Yes, yes they are... as for the title, that was bestowed upon me by others and not myself.  :)
Reply Report Liononthehunt 2017-5-24 14:56
So you are still not aware of your quirkiness? lol
Reply Report tradervic 2017-5-29 00:10
At what level?  Frank Underwood/House of Cards or Wade Wilson/Deadpool?

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