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Possible to Nominate Gabor Fekete for an IgNoble Prize?

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Working in my current position these last few years – it has been interesting to see how the see the internal processes that international science projects have to go through to achieve a goal of proving scientific theories that go to understand how the Universe works, and how we work within it.  To say that it is its own community and culture is an understatement – with pop culture giving it just it brief attention in movies and television (usually to attempt justify the CGI festival of violence and stupidity), with shows like the Big Bang Theory being a somewhat humorous exception.  Yet with every community and culture there are those that attempt to bend it to their will, only to provide an endless source of amusement/annoyance (depending on timing and actions done).


For the world of High-Energy Physics, that person is Gabor Fekete.  He is a Hungarian who has been attempting to get himself awarded the Noble Prize in Physics for his work – which has survived peer review (given he is trying to debunk the work done with the search for Higgs Boson at CERN):


Gabor, being the ever resourceful person, has taken upon himself to e-mail hundreds, upon thousands, of people working at laboratories and universities around the world.  So much so that after he was relegated to the SPAM folder, he started to spoof other people’s e-mail addresses to continue his campaign.  It never fails that I see one of his e-mails, with several graphs and diagrams, every month that I have worked at my current position.  He even has his own Twitter Hashtag ( – to which I do wonder if he has anything similar with WeChat and other Chinese based Social Media Platforms.


While most in the physics world like to dismiss old Gabor, or use him as a research topic for their presentations…



… I would like to propose a different idea.  For several years, the has been a group of folks that have been handing out the IgNoble Prize – awarded for the some of the more inane and dubious corners of the scientific world.  While Gabor may not exactly be the most credited fellow – I do believe once he has a Clint Howard/M-TV Music Video Awards moment, he may just have a moment of clarity, and many folks around the world will see the SPAM folder activity drop.  So… for those in the China Daily Readership that are in the mood, would you be so kind as to nominate Gabor Fekete for the 2017 IgNoble Prize (  I figure that if there is enough people to do so, there will be some reaction, either from IgNoble Prize Committee, or from Gabor Fekete himself.



Just one of several diagrams that Gabor will send to you once he realizes that you are paying attention to him

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Reply Report tradervic 2017-4-6 09:48
Hm... that reminds me an article you may be interested in - "Should Unprovable Physics Be Considered Philosophy?"  My answer to that question is yes - given my current line of work.  As for Gabor... not going to lie, I do believe he is a bit annoyed at me for posting this article.  As for Mr. Hawking... Peter Lorre treatment aside... the jury is still out ... as the issue of gravitational waves is still being worked out  Let's face it, Einsten was considered a bit of crackpot until the evidence was brought forth from eclipse studies,8599,2070438,00.html
Reply Report tradervic 2017-4-6 11:10
HailChina!: Who cares? Why dont these retards do something useful? For the real world?

And you watch Big Bang Theory do you? Hmm. Do you watch Two and a Half Me ...
When you get a chance, check this video out Bayes Theorem:  It is very surprising what can be found, whether it comes from "Fools or Sages"
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-4-6 16:52
tradervic: When you get a chance, check this video out Bayes Theorem:  It is very surprising what can be found, whet ...
OK. Thanks.

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