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A Candid View of the Growing Western Emulation of the Great Firewall

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For more than a few years now, there has been the ever present spectacle on the international stage about China’s “Great Firewall”.  Much like the original fortification, it was set up to be a defense against the hordes of barbarians that roam the length and breath of the Internet.  And much like the original, it has seen its issues with maintenance and overall effectiveness.  To some around the world, it is held up in regards of being as much as “Technological Wonder” as its real life counterpart – being able to keep ‘harmony’ for such a large population.  For folks like myself – it is merely a reminder that when it comes to discussing certain topics, there are more than a few unspoken things that need to be maintained, in order to uphold certain “Gentlemen’s Agreements”.


So, it has been more than amusing to watch the amount of drama that has been occurring on the ‘Otherside of the Wall’ with the ‘Western Barbarians’, with the recent events with YouTube and the Wall Street Journal.  I shall not bore everyone with details, but it appears that there is a push by certain groups – in the name of “Social Justice” to emulate what the powers to be in Beijing have been attempting to do with the Great Firewall – with ‘Apps’ like Candid.  This program has taken the approach of the GFW, in which certain terms and phrases that are considered ‘disharmonious’ for general topics and are not allowed to be spread by known and unknown troublemakers.  Apparently, this approach has been working so well that other social websites like Twitter are beginning to adopt the policies and coding as well – as evidenced with the #GastheJokes Campaign that did not appear to make a public ripple, even though there was more than 30,000 participants for that event.


At the very least, the powers to be in Beijing have more than enough emulation examples to refer to when certain folks attempt to question the GFW itself.  However, when it comes to all of these ‘impressive fortifications’, I am more than reminded of a couple of quotes from the Spartan King Agesilaus.  The first quote was to the leader of a neighboring Greek City/State after he attempted to impress the Spartan King with the massive walls he has had erected, “What Splendid Women's Quarters.”  With that perceived slight, more than a few leaders around the Greek world ask the king about Sparta’s defenses, to which he would point to the men of Sparta and say, “These are Sparta's Walls.”  Very few groups would attempt to breach them, for there was a strength that was never doubted… or defeated.  The much can be said for True Harmony – for when a people are united under a cause that they believe in, there is very, very little in the way of ‘fake news’/propaganda that can persuade them – walls or no.


A Western Attempt to Emulate the GFW?

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Reply Report tradervic 2017-3-7 01:55
Oops... that should have been 13,000 participants, instead of 30,000 - my bad.

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