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PizzaGate and the Ghost of Darrell Coleman (Chairman)

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As 2016 winds down, as I sit in my kitchen looking out at my neighborhood this snowy Christmas Eve morning, it is a bit hard to collect my thoughts on what has been a very interesting year – for myself, my family, and the world in general.  From a personal standpoint, life has been good – my kids are relatively healthy and happy as they have settled into their new lives here in Hinsdale, Illinois.  My wife has been able to reach out better to the extended Chicago Chinese Community, and I have begun to settle into the local community’s political scene – observing and actively participating in key events.  Work wise… it has been funny to watch how the election results in the U.S. and in Europe have managed to rip away a lot of false platitudes and seriously give the ‘status quo’ in the scientific community a good kick to the groin, followed by a couple of hard kidney punches to the torso.


Yes, the election cycle here in the U.S. has brought out some new terms – one of them being “fake news”, which in the old days would have been simply listed as ‘rumor and/or propaganda’.  But with the new century, there seems to be the need to ‘repackage’ terms in a manner that makes George Orwell’s ‘newspeak’ look absolutely quaint.  Regardless of how it is labeled – there are serious repercussions to all of this ‘muckraking’ when it goes too far – a la the whole “PizzaGate Incident”:


Long story short – a restaurant in Washington D.C., which was accused of being involved with pedophilia and politics, had an idiot show up with a rifle.  Luckily, no one was killed in the process.  This brought up some very dark memories of incidents that occurred here at the China Daily BBS. 


For those that have been coming to the forums of this website over the last decade or so, there has been an wide mix of folks that have taken the time to post their thoughts and feelings about the their lives in P.R. China, being involved with P.R. China, or just looking for a place to troll as various media outlets around the world have shutdown.  Some recognized handles ‘from the beginning’ would be folks like wowzers, wchao37, canchin, seneca, fatdragon, and a slew of others that have come and gone over the years (whether they faded away or got banned to post by the Mods).  Yet, there was one ‘chairman’, a.k.a. Darrell Coleman. 


Darrell was an interesting character - given what I was able to learn about him over the years.  He was Rhodesian, watching his country fall to Robert Mugabe in the African Bush Wars of late 1970s/early 1980s, and had moved more than a few times around the world before finally settling into P.R. China sometime in the 1990s to manufacture consumer electronics for the export market.  The stories that he could tell of his past (either online, on the phone, or in person) could keep more than a few people of all walks of life interested for hours on end.  He could be very generous or spiteful – depending on his mood or topics that he held dear.  Heaven help those that he felt had crossed him. 


That was very evident when it came to the flame wars that he had with the likes of wchao37 (a.k.a. Wassim Chao) – with various folks like myself being dragged in as a willing and unwilling participant.  Not going to lie, I got my hands dirty when it came to Wassim, especially when it was shown that he was at one point acting as a Mod – deleting posts and threads that I had worked on.  Worse was when a series of ‘issues’ started to occur on those computer networks that I was logging into the BBS from, including those that affiliated with work that was being done for Chinese Ministry of Transportation at the time.  It was very apparent that the folks at the Chinese Consulate of Chicago were not pleased at this sort activity.  So, when he attempted to stir up trouble in the forums, similar to what occurred with 4Chan/Reddit PizzaGate mess, trying to accuse people of being pedophiles in order to get them expelled from P.R. China – I made it a point to identify his real identity and track him down.  Much like Wolfgang Halbig (, once his activities at the China Daily BBS were presented to other websites and organizations that he participated with here in the U.S., where he lives to this day, his activity at the BBS slowed to a crawl.  At no point during this process was I ever approached by the management of the China Daily to refute my findings or print a retraction.


Initially, Darrell was ecstatic that I was able to do something that he was unable to do.  To him, I had a degree of Guanxi that could be used to deal with others that he had sparred with, starting with one of Wassim’s online associates – wowzers (a.k.a. Andrew [ Noseworthy?]).  However, while Andrew and I had sparred to a certain degree in past on various topics, we had been very civil in discussions, and never to the degree that Wassim and Darrell dwelled in.  So… when Darrell attempted to get me to publicly state that Andrew was pedophile, and then publish his home and business in P.R. China – I privately declined.  Suffice to say, Darrell was not pleased with my stance, as evidenced with our very public falling out.  While Darrell has passed away a few years ago, I still have deal with the legacy of our dispute from time to time.  Yet, to this day I stand on the position I took:  It is one thing to expose an anonymous online troll for what they really are, it is another to accuse a real life person without a shred of evidence.  For real Harmony to occur in society, a degree of transparency and the Rule of Law must be maintained.  “Harmony” by way of rumor and propaganda leads only to Chaos and Disorder, with idiots and braggarts attempting to rule by way of any available bully pulpit.


Imagine if an idiot like this showed up at your doorstep because of an anonymous Internet troll...

(Opinions of the writer in this blog don't represent those of China Daily.)





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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-12-26 10:00
we have highlighted your blog. thanks for sharing it here.
Reply Report HailChina! 2016-12-29 08:47 (Pending for approval)
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Reply Report HailChina! 2016-12-29 09:16
voice_cd: we have highlighted your blog. thanks for sharing it here.
Reply Report tradervic 2017-1-3 23:38
Fire and Rain Indeed - James Taylor would have been the right theme music as I was typing this article together.
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-1-6 12:25
tradervic: Fire and Rain Indeed - James Taylor would have been the right theme music as I was typing this article together.
You annoyed me first though. I remember you posted a Beatles song and a snarky comment.
Reply Report tradervic 2017-1-16 01:09
HailChina!: You annoyed me first though. I remember you posted a Beatles song and a snarky comment.
Hm... trying to remember, which post was that again?
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-1-16 05:36
tradervic: Hm... trying to remember, which post was that again?
I don't know. Your Beatles song was Say You Want a Revolution. Its a very stupid song.
Reply Report tradervic 2017-1-30 01:57
HailChina!: I don't know. Your Beatles song was Say You Want a Revolution. Its a very stupid song.
Oh, I find it to be a very apt song - given how it pretty much lambasted a good deal of movements over the years that have been big on noise, but little much else on true action.
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-1-30 14:58
tradervic: Oh, I find it to be a very apt song - given how it pretty much lambasted a good deal of movements over the years that have been big on noise, but litt ...
The Beatles were homos and phonies so I am not surprised that someone shot John Lennon. It shocks me that nobody shot the others. Especially Paul. They are so audacious if you listen to the lyrics of their gay songs. The Revolution song is anti-Communist and pro-Capitalist. The Beatles did pretty well out of capitalism didnt they. And the Beatles song 'Revolution' encourages inaction, it is not being critical of a lack of action from revolutionaries. Have you even heard the lyrics? What the heck are you talking about? The action would be the destruction that the Beatles song is discouraging wouldnt it?

The Beatles were capitalist bastards. China should ban all Beatles songs and especially 'Revolution'. It is much worse than that Guns and Roses song that China banned. It does not turn the spear point on China, the spear point is pointed at China the entire time.

Plus you dont even remember the post. You are accusing me of being short on action? I favour ideas over violence. What action do you want me to take exactly? You want me to make a sign and stomp down a street in protest of something? Blow up the White House? What?

The CPC has done well from following Chairman Mao. All of China has.

My God the Beatles were smart alec capitalist bastards. Just look at the lyrics of that song. They are worse than War is Over. Worse than Obladi-Oblada. Smart alec bastards. Their fans must all be either retards or total capitalist bastards.

How did the western bourgeois liberals take power again? Violence and overthrow of ruling class right? And how did they protect themselves from being overthrown by socialists? Two world wars right? Hmm. What action do you want from me exactly?

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