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Observation: the 3rd Responsibility of Citizenship – Part Three

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It has been a very grueling year for this writer – juggling the needs of home, work, and the local political activities.  Nothing better than making the time to sit with total strangers, trying to tease out of them answers that will settle if they will be ‘good candidates’ for the position of the Hinsdale Library Board – in terms of running the Library itself, not overly raising local property taxes, and most of all ‘not having an agenda’ as the folks running the Hinsdale Caucus like to say.  Over the course of several months, myself and a group of people that formed the ‘Hinsdale Library Caucus’ (that under the Non-Disclosure Agreements I have signed I will not describe in any detail) sorted through the answers and choose four candidates.  Mind you, while the Library Caucus had though that we were sufficiently briefed earlier this year as for the exact process as to how those selected, my experience with the LaGrange Park Recreation Department Board made me think there would be a surprise or two.


And that surprise came last week on November 30th, when going through the Caucus’ Endorsement Meeting – it was revealed the true extent of how the Illinois State Election Process works.  First, the Hinsdale Caucus, for all advertisements in the local media as the ‘local party in control of the village’, is merely a political party that has to follow the overall election rules set at the state and federal level.  It is the reason that big ‘Donate’ sign is located on the top of the Hinsdale Caucus webpage.  To that end, all Hinsdale Caucus Endorsed Candidates still have to gather up to 50 to 100 signatures from Hinsdale Residents who are Register Voters, and have those sign in sheets notarized.  That was not an issue, given there were enough people at the November 30th meeting and a Notary Public – so getting that task done for the endorsed candidates was not an issue.


However, there was the pesky issues of filling financial statements with the State of Illinois – to show how much income a candidate had for the election process and how much they were willing to spend to pay for the campaign ahead.  It was at that moment that one of the candidates that was picked by the Library Caucus Committee (to which I thought was going to withdraw if she had to be in the public spotlight) stood up and left the meeting.  The rest of the Committee was shocked that they did this, but in retrospect if the true election process was made clear from the beginning, I do believe it would have been impossible to get four people to run for this unpaid public position – which lasts for 4 years and requires a good deal of time and effort during the year.


Regardless, a new ‘4th endorsed candidate’ was found this week, and on December 12th next week – they will all be at the Hinsdale Village Hall to register for what hopes to be an ‘uncontested ballot’ (i.e. the four Caucus Endorsed Candidates will be the only ones on the ballot for the four open positions).  From what was discussed in the local media outlets and in the Caucus Meeting, it appears that the positions for the Village Hall and the District 181 School Board will be contested – with multiple candidates (independent or other political groups) filling with Hinsdale Village Caucus that December 12th morning.  Yet, I am curious to see how those other candidates are going to do in the April 2017 election, given by the estimates spoken at the November 30th meeting that the traditional turnout numbers is usually less than 2,000 registered voters. 


Yet, these are the rules, both stated legal and ‘gentlemanly’ that I really wanted to learn for myself these last years.  Moreover, these are the types of rules that all those that seek public office need to understand, whether it be in the United States, P.R. China, or elsewhere.  As seen in P.R. China over the last few years – there have been many a local or provincial cadre member, who while appearing to be ready to advance to Beijing and join the national assembly, only be exposed to the national spotlight and shown to be ‘not ready’.  Those that are savvy enough to have a ‘situational awareness’ at all political levels during their careers, along with shouldering the mantles of responsibility that come with their office positions, will be the ones that advance.  At the very least, the semi-smart candidate will understand that while they may achieve success at a small level, it is something that may not be repeated when they step up to the next level, less all of their achievements are wiped away.

Just because you were 'Endorsed', does not mean you automatically get the job.

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