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Report mutafire 2017-11-28 10:34
It has been a while.
Report Johnhunt12 2017-2-14 20:24
My name is Captain John Hunt from United state of America.I was browsing few days ago and come across your picture and ever since then i couldn't stop imagining how beautiful you are even when i close my eyes. I have never been in any relationship since lost my wife in a car accident few years ago. I decided to stay single for the rest of my life due to my job and the love i had for her but after seeing your beautiful face a feel some thing inside me that i have never experienced in my life before, and i can not stand it anymore if i couldn't speak out to let you know how i feel about you. Please kindly contact me via my email address , so that i can tell you more about myself and send you some pics of me. have a nice day as i hope to hear from soon.
Report samthy 2016-10-9 19:04
i just read two of your page and i think you're a funny and kind women. so feel good and be happy. may glad to make friend with you hhh
Report Cristivon 2016-4-11 14:11
my qq num 490825779, tel 15035136250. im chinese, majored Engsh. Be my friend.
Report SEARU 2016-1-21 09:57
Maierwei: I haven't logged on for months, and now I do to see the message you sent yesterday ^^ Hehe what a coincidence!

Not sure if I will blog again here...  ...
So happy to see your note! I have posted mere few threads due to busy routine work. Recently I feel sorry for that many familiar figures have disappeared from the blog-site.  I wish you come back!
Report luckyann 2014-9-8 10:41

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the Sushou Style Mooncakes !
Report reynolds95 2014-9-4 23:52
Maierwei: Hi, I have seen that comment of yours, and replied hours ago.

All I ask for people is not to impose THEIR OWN understanding of "justice" on ...
‘Imposing some vague idea of "justice" and demanding respect like you did only undermines it.’ u see, u r just impose ur own understanding of justice on others!!
Report tedbrent 2014-9-2 03:32
Maierwei: Thanks, things are same here           So you just lost interest in the forum? I feel like that from time to time as well... But as long as I'm here i ...
Then the principle reason why I decided to not show up here  regularly was straightforward  : I was brassed off with all kinds of groundless accusations against some erudites  bent on speaking out against totalitarianism, parochialism and even fascism here. Worst of all, the provocateurs in question  seemed to have made a good fist of persuading some Chinese visitors on this forum to lash out at anyone questioning the uniqueness  and pureness of ancient Chinese thinking or even some contemporary cultural mindsets championed by the ruling elites in China.

For good measure, I couldn't put up with their idea that you are just seen as another undesirable if you  opt to roast North Korea or rampant corruption and  social ills in China. Maierwei, I could have talked like a lemming who fawns over dictators living in tinpot nations like North Korea and Russia , but I chose not to because it  I had no intention to be another devotee of authoritarianism As a result, I elected not to come here that often as  before. And I thought that would be a wise choice for a cantankerous  bunny  like me, given that I wouldn't have to be bowled over by  their abominable puffery and self-congratulatory utterances. again

  Forsooth, this forum still has some witty thinkers or straight arrows who still have the guts to tell the truth about what's happening in China, whilst offering  thoughtful  suggestions to the Chinese. Yet  do we really have to paper over the seamy side of China here? Do Chinese nationalists  and mandarins really have to explain away  all their misdeeds ?   Do they really have to remind us that China is a nation that has a long history?

  I don't get it. What does Chinese history to do  with social activism ?  Are they suggesting that China can't shake off all  the shopworn and daft  cultural  notions   valued by their pharisaical ancestors, woot, woot,   simply because such notions have been around in China for more than 5000 years?  What's Yin and Yang? What's Tao? What's Qi? Do you think most Chinese urbanities  know the answers  ? I have doubts on that.  To be fair, Qi does exist; it's called fart in English.  

  Anyway, you have fun here.  I might spend less time visiting this forum from now on.

  My best wishes to you.
Report reynolds95 2014-8-31 16:56
it was a reply to u last night. themoderator just deleted it TWICE. but i want u read it.

u can judge ur ancestors. of course u can. all i asking is judge them in justice. show some respect. it is the criticize and learning make the world improve not the mocking and denying.

i know u r not american. and i dont care.AND i was not talking about american at all. i was talking about canadian. and when i said canadian, i wasnt means the whole nation of canadian.dont set it to a race level. And of course caucasion know where they come from. even a idiot knows. and of course canadian bring genocide to indians,too. what i was telling is that nowadays caucasion living in canada even regard the indian cultural as part of their national cultural.THat is what called development! and i was jut asking him, as a 华人, respect its own cultural. u can criticize ur ancestors,they r already dead people. they cant fight it back. but do it objectively and respectly.

and as for u criticize ur own blabla thing. i m sure u do. and i do, too. i criticize about the problem of my own country all the time, too. BUT IT IS CRITICIZE. AND ABOUT THE PROBLEM.Not denying. Even it is denying. Do u denying every piece of it? If do. Hhe , as a educated people u r, I think that is not what called as brave, it is stupied.
Report tedbrent 2014-8-29 17:45
Maierwei: You haven't been around for a long time! Hope evertyhing is going well!
Yeah. it has been more than two months since the last time I visited China Daily's forum.  I'm okay, maierwei. Thanks for your concern. How have you been? I find that you have written more well-written, thought-provking articles over the last two months. Nice job, Maierwei.

  Keep up the good work and good luck to you.
Report SharkMinnow 2014-8-29 16:07
Maierwei: Thanks but nope, that's just my acting ability        Haha! With 2 friends we tried to make surprised/scared faces at a purikura booth in Japan so ...
Good, thanks! I feel really great and can't even imagine drinking alcohol again. I'm just trying to lose some of the beer belly now, lose weight and get overall healthier. My son is starting kindergarten now, so more free time, back teaching for another year...but yeah, I had a really great summer!
Report SharkMinnow 2014-8-29 12:32
Your profile pic is crazy cool! Were you on a roller coaster or something?   
Report 朱晓惠 2014-8-19 13:25
Hi,you are a great girl.want to be your friends,  please add my QQ  827649347,we can chat anytime
Report 所谓 2014-8-17 22:42
Hi, l agree with what you said in"You're very good looking ",it's right ,everting has its proportion
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-31 20:49
I have published a blog about "Sierra Leone Calling for Foreign Trade  and Foreign Direct Investment".Sierra leone,Will welcome any interested   partner in fulfilling his/her Trade or Investment dreams to come true .
Regards from Sierra leone
Report mutafire 2014-5-29 23:14
Was here...
Report libioo 2014-5-25 12:41
hello , i am lived in xixi road ,I want to make friends with you,i am chinese,1986 anhui province ,working in hangzhou ....524213659 my qq number. yxlchb my wechant num.
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-25 04:13
African Day is quite a memorable and interesting occasion in the life of Africans in the whole world.On that note, the Liaoning University African student Association(LUASA) did a grand style celebration on Saturday the 24th of May 2014 to recognize this wonderful event.Look forward for my next post for an update on that.
Report Kabisco751 2014-5-20 22:54
Nice to have you connected
Report silkcarpet 2014-5-17 23:28
Maierwei: Hello! How is life?
hello where are you now

Whenever I get lost I look super-confident. Whenever I feel so scary, boring and ordinary people tell me I\'m so nice, interesting and friendly.

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  • My Study Abroad in the UK 2017-1-6 22:17

    Hi, Maierwai. Admittedly, it is fun to read your blogs, as some of your stories about your life on exotic lands are intriguing and hilarious. However, I would also like to read about things you have experienced that would be billed as positive. Is there anything that your really appreciated when living abroad, e.g. in China, Japan, the UK and etc. I don't think that you are an overly cynical person, and you simply can't be critical of everything, right?

  • 有趣的人 needs to hold her tongue? 2016-12-22 09:30

    Maierwei: That question is common worldwide. They want to see if you have vision, if you plan to stay long in the company and take more responsibilities. They w ...
    Sorry for the late reply. Interesting. I will remember it in my next interview. Im working as a foreign teacher in China now, teaching my mother language in university. At the interview, they asked me a question like this
    "How long do you plan to teach in our university?"

    And I answered
    "At least for two years"

    And they accepted me. I don't know if my answer have nothing to do with it or not, but Im just trying to be honest with them hahaha.

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