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Share Example 3: I don't understand Chinese culture
2014-5-7 22:23
**I am editing this post to make it easier to read. Which means adding past tense suffixes to some of the verbs. I had used past-present tenses together and it seems they created confusion. I don't accept that it was my MISTAKE however, it was intended. And there are some slipped from my attention. But I'm a "foreigner" afterall, and interested in narrative techniques and I'm not a master of narration in this language. Now I understand that my "mistake" was using a method which wouldn't work ...
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Share Example: I don't understand Chinese culture
2014-5-7 21:00
I'm from a meat eating country. We like meat. So did I. I'm not going to the details that meat eating is an important part of my "culture", or so some people would call it. One day, I stopped eating meat "abroad". And I was usually abroad. This was 5 years ago. I ate meat less and very rare. I remember I had missed it though. Then I became a vegetarian around 2.5 years ago. Excuse me, does this dish have meat in it? Does this pastry have lard in it? What kind of oil do you use here? I as ...
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Share Example 2: I don't know about "Chinese" culture
2014-5-7 19:55
Some people were so ready to judge me as a person after reading my post "What doesn't China need?" However the thing is, I've never seen internet as a determiner for any of my abilites. Neither do I care about who knows about China most. Locals and some intelligent foreigners unfortunately not blessed with high empathy capability might've thought "What if she really doesn't know about China and can't understand the point Chinese people are making?" Which is a possibility of course, ...
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Share What doesn’t China need?
2014-5-5 21:14
Inspired by the comments to my previous post about what China needs , I decided to write what China needs to give up, what it doesn’t need. The title speaks for itself, no further explanation is needed. Let’s jumpstart: 0. The base:“ 你不了解中国 ” (You don’t understand China) reflex The need to take action on its own I mentioned in my previous post, but feel the need to underline: Any foreigner telling China what to do and what not to will only poke what I call the “ ...
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Share What does China need?
2014-5-3 19:04
China is plagued by laziness more than it used to be with opium use. It may sound surprising to those who think of China as working factories and people who work there over 10+ hours every day. This is not what I mean. Economic growth means little when what you do with the money is vague an unknown; or when it doesn't go to the right sectors to fuel the turning wheel of further development. I'm basically saying you reap what you sow, and will tell you the crops I think are necessary to so ...
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Share I did the right thing! 你好,我已经在这里
2014-4-30 18:11
Some people, for some reason, think waiting behind a foreigner in a queue is a huge disgrace to their personality. They avoid it like a disease. I have no idea how they developed the ability to ignore my whole existence. I am average height and above average weight, and have over-fluffy wavy hair. I mean, you notice me and stare at me when I'm walking on the road, waiting for bus or whatever, but how come you don't notice me when I'm waiting in a line? Many times Chinese people ignored me ...
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Share Come, come Kitty Kitty stay, stay
2014-4-27 01:49
Come, come Kitty Kitty You're so pretty Come, come Kitty Kitty Stay, stay Avril Lavigne dancing with Asian dancers on her video clip to a very bad song with the lyrics above makes me frown. And reading the comments on Youku leads me to a worse confusion. I shouldn't forget to add the random "arigatou!"s and "kawaii!"s she's yelling as well. What? I know in China the singer has a mainly teenager fan base. And I know that in places with little to no racial diversity (Japan, China) people ...
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Share Looking down on the Chinese?
2014-4-24 22:09
Not only in the comments section of China Daily blog posts, but also in our daily lives when we're with other foreigners we can see people frequently reminding others "not to be condescending". All kinds of accusations follow, being American, non-American, white, black, rich, poor... everything. I have even seen someone bringing up Orientalism in an irrelevant setting, apparently in order to sound intellectual. (Does blaming someone for imaginary reasons make you an intellectual when you mention ...
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Share How China has changed me
2014-4-24 17:16
How China has changed me
Noone has bathed in the same river a second time since ancient Greece (everything was allowed back then) and it’s not only water bodies that are in a constant change in our times. We are changing sometimes without being aware of it, sometimes deliberately in order to keep up with the current. Depending on many variables, China can be a top contributor your change like it is to many others around me. It certainly has had a huge role in mine, and therefore I decided to share my personal o ...
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Share China and drinking, drinking....
2014-4-22 15:49
China and drinking, drinking....
Being happy and celebrating something can mean drinking, drinking and drinking more in China, and unfortunately some friends were happy to see me back. Noone was hospitalized, and this was my luck. This post is not going to analyze drinking culture in China, and I'm not only going to complain. Or maybe I am? I finished my internship in Korea and came back to China after a few months. Arrived at my city in the evening, and arrived at my dorm after a refreshing conversation with the pirate taxi ...
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Whenever I get lost I look super-confident. Whenever I feel so scary, boring and ordinary people tell me I\'m so nice, interesting and friendly.

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  • My Study Abroad in the UK 2017-1-6 22:17

    Hi, Maierwai. Admittedly, it is fun to read your blogs, as some of your stories about your life on exotic lands are intriguing and hilarious. However, I would also like to read about things you have experienced that would be billed as positive. Is there anything that your really appreciated when living abroad, e.g. in China, Japan, the UK and etc. I don't think that you are an overly cynical person, and you simply can't be critical of everything, right?

  • 有趣的人 needs to hold her tongue? 2016-12-22 09:30

    Maierwei: That question is common worldwide. They want to see if you have vision, if you plan to stay long in the company and take more responsibilities. They w ...
    Sorry for the late reply. Interesting. I will remember it in my next interview. Im working as a foreign teacher in China now, teaching my mother language in university. At the interview, they asked me a question like this
    "How long do you plan to teach in our university?"

    And I answered
    "At least for two years"

    And they accepted me. I don't know if my answer have nothing to do with it or not, but Im just trying to be honest with them hahaha.

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