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Share The.. Most Disgusting Word in English
2014-5-28 00:25
Years ago, I was talking with a Chinese friend on Skype. We were “practicing” our language skills. “Pra…” “Pr-ac-ti-sing. Practice. Prac-tice” He finally pronounces “practising”, but he’s doubtful. “It sounds so… weird” ! Does it? I repeated the word several times to myself, it still didn’t occur to me. Was it really weird? A dictionary website I use very often had this question in its forum: ...
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Share Nature's Ugly Face: Durian
2014-5-24 22:28
Nature's Ugly Face: Durian
Is everyone familiar with this guy? It's called durian, or 榴莲 (liu2 lian2). But I think these words tell us more than what we see in the photo: They tell us the meaning of life, yes. In China I saw many fruits and vegetables I hadn't seen before. I'm not a very picky eater (I guess being a vegetarian makes me one though) so there's no food I really "hate". If I'm hungry, I'd probably eat anything. And our guest of honour, durian is known to have a love/hate relationship with p ...
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Share In Henan for a Wedding Final: Lessons from meeting a 地头蛇
2014-5-24 08:47
Continuing from the dinner we had with the influential guys in Part 4 … (Thanks tedbrent for teaching me the phrase 地头蛇 , which fits the situation perfectly) My friend NR and boyfriend RJ were calling the disgusting leader “uncle”, so I will refer to him as uncle here as well. He wanted us to stay longer in Xinyang, booked two hotel rooms, and drew us there. He stopped on the way and wanted to go to KTV, RJ smilingly asked us if we wanted to but both me and my ...
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Share In Henan for a Wedding Part 4: Hospitality gets disgusting
2014-5-21 19:09
One of the texts I received after 2 phone calls says: "I... missed you already. Do you miss me too?" (Which would also mean "Do you want me too") Another one: “If you ever need help with anything let me know”, and 您这把我要当为亲人 . I don’t understand what it means, I ask RJ. “He wants you to see him as a very very good friend”, he says. I find it weird that suddenly I’m addressed as “ 您 ”, yet it does not make me feel respected at all. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry a ...
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Share In Henan for a Wedding Part 3: Back to Reality
2014-5-19 22:16
In Henan for a Wedding Part 3: Back to Reality
I've been to several big cities in China, and Xinyang is a less developed city so it was new to me in a way. RJ had told me that the conditions are not that good in his hometown, and that people would stare at me, and that almost nobody lives in the village anymore. The thing is, people in the city weren't rudely staring at me at all, they just noticed something unusual (a foreigner) and just naturally noticed my existence, that's all. In the village people were very friendly, and I mean true ...
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Share In Henan for a Wedding: Part 2. FOOD!
2014-5-18 23:18
In Henan for a Wedding: Part 2. FOOD!
This is the second post about my trip to Xinyang, In Henan for a Wedding: Part 1 is here if you' like to read. It was very hot around lunch time, and I was given a fan. Look at it carefully: It's actually a huge leaf! Isn't it so creative? Here's my friend (cut from the photo) is holding it for my admiring eyes and curious camera: OK, now let's move on and talk about the food... There were around 50 people for the wedding the first day, and maybe 10-15 people less the second d ...
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Share In Henan for a Wedding: Part 1
2014-5-17 13:42
In Henan for a Wedding: Part 1
I went to Henan for 2 days- but when I came back it was already 5 days past! We spent a long time in a village in Xinyang city, people were so super friendly and nice. It was only the uncanny looks that the animals gave me.... "She's coming this way- Go! Quick!" The groom is a cousin of my boyfriend (RJ), so the whole extended family was there, which is a very rare occasion. "Even for the New Year some people don't come back", he said. "So it's either for marriages of close rela ...
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Share Leftover women
2014-5-12 00:42
Apparently seanboyce88 isn't done with his Western propaganda yet! I started writing a comment to his blog post titled Leftovers 剩女 and why many westerners will still marry them , but it became long enough to be a blog post, so I'm posting it here so that more people will bother to read- I'm sure everyone would skip such a long comment. Please read his blog first since my attack is directed at what he wrote. As I mentioned, the shameless Western propaganda blogger is now f ...
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Share Motherhood as an identity
2014-5-11 20:22
Today is a day to praise selflessness. A day to attribute power to weakness, intelligence to intuition and wisdom to non-functionality. Motherhood is a specifically important phenomenon in developing countries, since being a mother can be harder under tougher circumstances and the past can be more evident in today's life. Praising motherhood is especially important because it can take disguise of legitimacy. A legitimate reason for further Suffering. The solution to the similar suffering is the ...
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Share Morning Wonderland
2014-5-10 20:36
Morning Wonderland
It's May already, and here in my city it's quite warm. Even in the evenings. The past week, however, I had a cold and it was accompanied by a slight fever interestingly. So I was in my room and lying on my bed all the time, hoping some rest would help me get better in a few days. (Now you can tell how I was able to write 3 posts in one day!) After 4 days my fever is gone, and my blocked ears and nose are getting better as well. I cough less EVEN THOUGH those 3 nights ...
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Whenever I get lost I look super-confident. Whenever I feel so scary, boring and ordinary people tell me I\'m so nice, interesting and friendly.

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  • My Study Abroad in the UK 2017-1-6 22:17

    Hi, Maierwai. Admittedly, it is fun to read your blogs, as some of your stories about your life on exotic lands are intriguing and hilarious. However, I would also like to read about things you have experienced that would be billed as positive. Is there anything that your really appreciated when living abroad, e.g. in China, Japan, the UK and etc. I don't think that you are an overly cynical person, and you simply can't be critical of everything, right?

  • 有趣的人 needs to hold her tongue? 2016-12-22 09:30

    Maierwei: That question is common worldwide. They want to see if you have vision, if you plan to stay long in the company and take more responsibilities. They w ...
    Sorry for the late reply. Interesting. I will remember it in my next interview. Im working as a foreign teacher in China now, teaching my mother language in university. At the interview, they asked me a question like this
    "How long do you plan to teach in our university?"

    And I answered
    "At least for two years"

    And they accepted me. I don't know if my answer have nothing to do with it or not, but Im just trying to be honest with them hahaha.

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