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Share Of Dogs and Man
2014-6-14 19:49
-People look at your face and try to guess which country you’re from. -Ethnicity and race is the same thing for many Chinese people. -Japanese people and North Koreans believe their race is not mixed with others, therefore is “pure” . -There are disputes about some historical characters’ origin (Chinggiz Khan, for example) -People from the USA think people from all over the world took up their nationality, and that it's because their life is the “ideal human life ...
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Share My summer holidays
2014-6-12 22:32
I don't know if Voice_CD has been keeping my "secret" or not, but I don't feel ready to tell people about my nationality yet... However I will talk about my summer vacation as a student back home. Which is very similar to the situation in many underdeveloped countries, so I don't think there's anything particular about my nationality here... I'm from a developing country where income gap is relatively wide. My father is very good at making friends, and he used some connections to get me to a ve ...
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Share Pessimistic Scene
2014-6-11 14:10
The first 24 years of my life, I thought only people with too much time in their hands would be thinking and worrying about relationships. My friends who started or ended relationships were going through incredible dramas and I wondered, for what? I know my opinions are far from the conventional rules, but still I find it weird that in my country everyone who falls in love becomes a poet and then becomes a philosopher after a breakup. In China, I see that the scenery is quite differen ...
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Share Hungry for attention?
2014-6-11 00:20
Hungry for attention?
SEARU has told me that he has seen 3 photos of me, and that I look different in all of them. Right, I look different during different times of the day as well. My hair is wavy and gets wavier if the weather is humid. Sometimes I use hair pins for the front parts, sometimes I wear it in a pony tail... Whatever I feel like. And Chinese people tell me: "Oh, you changed your hair style again !" No, I didnt. I just washed/combed/tied it or it's windy and how m ...
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Share [topic] Interested in an internship within the UN?
2014-6-7 19:36
[topic] Interested in an internship within the UN?
-You got an internship at the United Nations (UN)? So you're going to New York? Many people asked me that. But the thing is, UN is a HUGE organization with many branches, and has hundreds of offices around the world. Not only the USA. I mean, if you'd like to criticize the Security Council or America's role there, go ahead. But in regional-subregional offices you see people who work altruisticly to implement necessary projects, regardless of any political agenda . That's wh ...
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Share [topic] My Internship at the United Nations: Lessons
2014-6-7 15:13
[topic] My Internship at the United Nations: Lessons
Some practical notes about my internship at UNESCAP (Economic Social Commission for Asia Pacific) subregional office. This post is more about my reflections, and I will give more general info to those who are interested in interning or working within the UN in the next one. Being a fervent critic of the UN during my undergrad years, I decided to do an internship to see how a UN office functions and to witness how UN projects are carried out. I remember the pres ...
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Share 22 y.o Boy's Virginity Entitles Him to Murder
2014-6-4 20:54
22 y.o Boy's Virginity Entitles Him to Murder
or How Far Male Self-Entitlement Can Get " I'm the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at all these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman " Because you could've asked instead of killing them but you didn't, dude. I'd like to deconstruct a piece of news I saw, about a 22 year old man running amok and murdering several people, which I think could've been prevented if.... He had listened to Donizetti's "Elixir d'A ...
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Share Suggestions for the Young Chinese
2014-6-1 20:40
In one of my previous posts, What does China need , I mentioned that China needs voluntary action , more active youth. I didn’t forget my promise to Fred.Hui who asked me to give suggestions in the comments section. So, here it comes, my two cents on how Chinese youth can enrich their lives. I feel my advice will be relevant to Chinese people because… I’m from a developing country which values traditions A LOT as well. Please see me as a crazy sister who wants ...
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Share King in a Land of the Blind
2014-5-30 20:02
In my language we have a saying, “In the land of the blind, the cross-eyed becomes the king”. In other words, among computer-illiterate people you can easily be regarded as a king if you draw pictures on Paint. However there are MANY and more advanced computer programs, and using Paint doesn’t make you an IT engineer. You see what I mean? In China, and in other parts of Asia I’ve lived, I see this is the case with foreign expats. In my very first post “Your Chinese is ...
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Share A Loving Break-up
2014-5-28 21:03
It may struck most of you as "weird" that I write about my breakup decision here... But I choose to do so because the reasons seem to be more cultural than personal, and it has occupied my mind long enough, I want to share. SEARU and his wife showed interest and 286633460 offered to listen, and I thought some others might enjoy my kind of "breakup drama" as well Just kidding, I try to stay out of dramas. Let's lay the basics. People in the foreignlands tend to be diverse individual ...
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Whenever I get lost I look super-confident. Whenever I feel so scary, boring and ordinary people tell me I\'m so nice, interesting and friendly.

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  • My Study Abroad in the UK 2017-1-6 22:17

    Hi, Maierwai. Admittedly, it is fun to read your blogs, as some of your stories about your life on exotic lands are intriguing and hilarious. However, I would also like to read about things you have experienced that would be billed as positive. Is there anything that your really appreciated when living abroad, e.g. in China, Japan, the UK and etc. I don't think that you are an overly cynical person, and you simply can't be critical of everything, right?

  • 有趣的人 needs to hold her tongue? 2016-12-22 09:30

    Maierwei: That question is common worldwide. They want to see if you have vision, if you plan to stay long in the company and take more responsibilities. They w ...
    Sorry for the late reply. Interesting. I will remember it in my next interview. Im working as a foreign teacher in China now, teaching my mother language in university. At the interview, they asked me a question like this
    "How long do you plan to teach in our university?"

    And I answered
    "At least for two years"

    And they accepted me. I don't know if my answer have nothing to do with it or not, but Im just trying to be honest with them hahaha.

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