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Share Answer to Halal: Holy or Cruel?
2014-8-1 19:01
Answer to Halal: Holy or Cruel?
or DO YOU REALLY CARE? 点菜的时候:(Ordering food:) 南瓜,不放肉可以吗?(Pumpkin, is it OK if you don't put meat?) 不放肉怎么吃?(How to eat if there is no meat?) (My dialogue between the lady working at the restaurant, who has witnessed my painful struggle to choose dishes with only vegetables) I've never mentioned religion here before, because well, this is a blog about China and here religions are merged with your... ethnical identity. Ridiculous but yes. You don't have to like religions.& ...
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Share Jealous of Your Cigarette
2014-7-26 22:25
Hawksley Workman has a lovely song named "Jealous of your cigarette" (Can't give any link for you to listen, because it's not on baidu music or youku) I wanted to write this post, because of a comment to a previous post which tells me I should admit if I'm jealous of... Chinese history! Why would I ever be? Being from a former strong empire, I am embarrassed enough. If I want to find shame or glory,I need to look no further than my own country's history. My love for foreig ...
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Share Reading recommendations 2!
2014-7-26 04:37
Reading recommendations 2!
Those who liked my suggestion about what to do in summer , here are more books for you to enjoy! (preferably indoors or under a shelter...) *Leslie T. Chang, Factory Girls or 打工女孩 (STRONGLY recomended!) Factory Girls is a "living book", therefore it feels so unfinished and it literally is, because life still goes on! It has around 400 pages, and is full of China. Even though it's not easy to finish it all in a day or carry around with you, I really wish many of you could ...
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Share Dwell in the past or move on?
2014-7-25 00:48
After coming to China, all foreigners learn that Chinese people LOVE ancient times. Glorious past, fascinating past, past civilization.... Everything in the past. SEARU's 2 latest posts make me write this, because this is a topic I am sensitive about. Because I grew up hearing the very same things, but about my country. How glorious our collapsed empire was, how civilized people were, how rich our culture is and how profound our religion is. You laowais may not know (because we are f ...
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Share What to do in summer?
2014-7-24 01:09
What to do in summer?
I’ve always known that summer doesn’t like me. But things can change right? I still try to be friendly with it but it pushes me away each time. I guess spending a July in Hangzhou is a nice test. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor says my qi is weak, so I sweat profusely. In modern medicine weak qi equals to body not being able to process and get rid of toxins, so sweating is the opportunity for body to get rid of some. I’ve always been this way, so… Am gett ...
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Share What do women want?
2014-7-16 20:57
"Respect, attention, education, security...." OK, hold it please. I'm not going to talk about what society preaches women to want. It was more than a year ago. In a Chinese class, the teacher asked students what qualities they looked for in a boyfriend or girlfriend. Because it's an advanced level class, most students were Asians. There were only 4 or 5 non Asians in the crowded classroom, including myself. They usually kept silent unless the teacher asked anything directly, unlike myself. ...
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Share The Chinese parents I met on the train
2014-7-5 23:37
Which makes people more unhappy, selfishness or selflessness? One is praised and one is despised, yet both are harmful. Back home we have "tiger parents" too. If a toddler bumps his head to a table and starts crying, several family members would run to "beat" the table in punishment. Then everybody starts the ritual of repeating what a "bad, bad table!" it has been. I was telling a friend how protective mothers get when their son wants to get married. "This girl doesn't deserve my son", "How ...
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Share Chinese Police
2014-7-5 20:13
"你自己应该注意安全!", (You need to pay attention to your safety) the Chinese police tells me. He is shouting at me, telling me to listen to him, however I dont agree that he is of a higher status than I am. I personally think there can be no reason a policeman can scold someone, especially when a woman who was harrassed by a man goes to the police to report about it. "If someone suddenly comes in, beats you, and walks out; is it your fault?" I ask him, crying. "Of course I have to pay atte ...
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Share Comfort Women: Politics of Gender
2014-6-17 01:43
Comfort Women: Politics of Gender
-Please get ready for unpopular opinion and high level post modernism- I've read ChenQinggang's post, "Tragedy of Comfort Women" and decided to write this one. Foreigners rape. Foreigners don't respect innocence. Foreigners are wild. Believe me, many people in many countries think the same. The wildest, the most repressed sexual fantasies are often attributed to those "evil foreigners". As a student of politics in Japan and China, I've heard and read a lot about Comfort Wom ...
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Share Chinglish: Anyways, they really appreciate it
2014-6-15 21:13
Chinglish: Anyways, they really appreciate it
It seemed to be a high-end export product.... until I read the manual in English. I'm not going to share it all, this part was probably the best:
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Whenever I get lost I look super-confident. Whenever I feel so scary, boring and ordinary people tell me I\'m so nice, interesting and friendly.

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  • My Study Abroad in the UK 2017-1-6 22:17

    Hi, Maierwai. Admittedly, it is fun to read your blogs, as some of your stories about your life on exotic lands are intriguing and hilarious. However, I would also like to read about things you have experienced that would be billed as positive. Is there anything that your really appreciated when living abroad, e.g. in China, Japan, the UK and etc. I don't think that you are an overly cynical person, and you simply can't be critical of everything, right?

  • 有趣的人 needs to hold her tongue? 2016-12-22 09:30

    Maierwei: That question is common worldwide. They want to see if you have vision, if you plan to stay long in the company and take more responsibilities. They w ...
    Sorry for the late reply. Interesting. I will remember it in my next interview. Im working as a foreign teacher in China now, teaching my mother language in university. At the interview, they asked me a question like this
    "How long do you plan to teach in our university?"

    And I answered
    "At least for two years"

    And they accepted me. I don't know if my answer have nothing to do with it or not, but Im just trying to be honest with them hahaha.

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