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Report J.E.Overington 2019-2-23 20:41
As to the question of whether pay-apps like Alipay or WeChat Wallet have a future in America and Canada, what I am seeing in my first year home from Asia is that some people are tech savvy enough to use an app to hide their credit card information. They go through check out quickly, the app lets them have their points for their loyalty programs (you mentioned we love that 1% to 4% return), and essentially the charge is put on the credit card and paid at the end of the month, keeping cash earning interest in the bank. But because the app is used as a front backed by the credit card number, so the credit card number does not appear in the transaction. This way is more secure. People who know how to set it up like it.

Next issue facing entry into the North American market is our Spanish population prefers WhatsApp, a great symbiot with WeChat. This multiculturalism approach we have in North America is seriously perplexing for some entrepreneurs. So a pragmatic global approach is to fill a folder on a smartphone with WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, KaKao, Skype and a few more, according to what regions in the world hold your most active chats.

You didn't mention Huawei, but I will, because the Canadian-American relation is important for the Chinese to know about on the 5G issue. Here it is in a nutshell: American policy is intolerant of security threats or potential security threats because there is a big land mass here and America guards the airspace in emergencies. We pay for national security protection indirectly through trade agreements that get a lot of press attention about being fair or unfair according to how much we know about how big our national security bill would be if America were to invoice us directly. Some citizens don't know, some citizens are amazed that some don't know, and that's the pragmatic crux of the issue. The fact is that American jets scramble to guard regions around America, and that's on public record, and surrounding nations have not been invoiced for the security assistance. It is black and white. So, aside from the national security issue, American policy is always exactly as President Trump is saying in some China Daily articles nowadays - specifically, America wants great trade partners. 5G? Go for it. Make it fabulous. Charge fair prices. Make money. Live a great life.

The form authentication code wouldn't work so that's why I could not post a comment on your smartphone blog directly.
Report teachingchinese 2018-1-27 11:10
shocking abandoned boy on the street of Beijing
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Report Jaddy 2016-6-24 08:41
Hi Collin, good morning!
Report Jaddy 2016-6-24 08:40
My English name is Jaddy. I need to gain some opinions from a foreigner who writes with English like you. Please give me some messages.
Report Dream_Liu 2016-6-6 10:03
Hi Colin, good morning
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Report xyMspanda 2015-12-25 17:49
Merry Christmas!
Report xyMspanda 2015-12-23 17:28
I am glad to be one of your friends.
Report kellivschina 2015-4-4 14:36
I loved your post about observation! I hadn't even thought about that aspect of it when I wrote my "fascination" post. Thanks for the shoutout! :)
Report KIyer 2015-4-3 14:29
thanks for the flowers and comment on my blog Colin!
Report KIyer 2015-3-30 14:22
thanks for the flowers on my blog, Colin!
Report KIyer 2015-3-24 13:15
Thanks for the flowers on my blog, Colin!
Report KIyer 2014-9-7 16:57
thanks for the flowers on the blog, Colin!
Report KIyer 2014-8-25 10:50
thanks for the flowers on my blog, Colin!
Report KIyer 2014-8-22 06:44
thanks for the flowers on my blog, Colin! warm regards,
Report 2014-8-15 01:20
ColinSpeakman: I have heard good things about Xiamen. It is on my list of places in China to visit. I have done 12 places , The list to see includes Nanning, Qingdao ...
oh yup~ i meant if u would come xiamen again ,id love to be ur guide. is tianjin on ut list?
Report tanxihua 2014-6-8 23:22
Mr Colin, could i ask you a question? "闺蜜"means a very very close friend of mine or a very very best friend, no matter who you are a girl or a boy. So, have any the same meaning of this could better descibe this relationship?   

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