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Trump's Divided America.

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My lasting thought about the outcome of the American Presidential election was that it revealed a divided USA and a lot of compromise was going to be needed to heal the wounds.

 Yet President Trump is an uncompromising figure. Sure he included a need to unite the nation to make America great again in his victory speech but he has embarked quickly on divisive policies once in office. 

The travel ban on citizens of 7 Muslim majority countries was bound to produce an outcry both against the concept and especially its ham-fisted execution followed by much backtracking and clarification (oh we did not mean to excluded Green Card holders, oh people of dual nationality can travel on passport of choice and be admitted) and of course the whole Executive Order has been declared invalid (unconstitutional) by a Federal judge throwing the status into confusion. 

Trump has been criticized by EU leaders for his interference in EU affairs and his recommendation for US Ambassador to the EU who has made anti-EU statements in the past.

 The POTUS has sown more disunity than unity so far. No wonder a poll just out shows President Trump has having the lowest approval rating early in office at 44% of any recent President - at the same stage President Obama's was mid 70s percentage approval. 

There seems a determination to fight a Trump presidency at every opportunity - we live in interesting times.

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Reply Report SEARU 2017-2-4 16:10
In China we often say 顺势而为-------to make decision based on the tendency of the current situation!    The US new president is rich on business but with little practical experience on politics. I feel a bit surprise about his recent behaviour.   WHy build a wall to isolate his neighbor? Why do not allow others to have freedom on religion belief?

Plitics is the work of the government!  I am afraid that the present American state affairs are strongly influenced by his unique personality!

It is not funny to be an observer in silence!
Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2017-2-4 17:29
I actually think that most observers will not remain silent! There is too much to be said !
Reply Report Ted180 2017-2-5 03:24
The greatest and most wonderful country in the world is beginning four terribly-trying years with a truly inferior President. Elected on a platform that appealed to the worst of its voters. Voters who were ignored by liberals (like me). Who were left with fewer economic opportunities due to automation and a failure to keep their occupational training up-to-date. (Less due to low cost foreign labor) There will be much suffering in the USA (and in the EU and Japan) as the Right continues to obstruct the spreading of wealth down to consumers. I will not live to see the result.
Reply Report voice_cd 2017-2-5 11:30
thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
Reply Report vf84tcat 2017-2-6 03:40
Many years ago I took an oath as a US Naval Officer to: “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

I have been a very liberal person all my life. That effectively means I believe in treating all people with equal dignity and respect no matter their nationality, color, ethnicity, religion or gender. All people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect until they show they no longer deserve it.

I have several Muslim friends who are wonderful, awesome good people. But I have discovered there are many Muslims who are not good people. Not only not good people, but they seek to immigrate to Christian countries (because of better living standards), then attempt to force their religious beliefs on their host country. This is what has happened not only in America, but many other Western-Culture countries that are primarily Christian. We find many Muslim ideas very primitive, particularly as they relate to gender discrimination, cruelty and intolerance.

In the last 40 years, I have seen many, many acts of terrorism all over the world. In almost all cases, the culprits have been Muslims. No other religion in the world causes so much trouble.

Islam would not be so bad if they would stay in their own countries. But Muslims always want to migrate into countries like the United States. This alone, makes a loud statement that something is wrong with Islam. If it was such a good religion, it would treat the homelands of Muslims well and they would feel no need to leave their countries.

The illegal immigrants from Latin America have also become a huge problem for America. We originally sought to be open and helpful to them, but so many of them have taken jobs away from American citizens. Truly many American citizens in manual-labor work, cannot find jobs in their own country, because illegal-immigrant Latinos have take those jobs. This is fundamentally wrong.

Every country is supposed to protect it's own citizens first and foremost. This is why certain countries citizens are required to have a Visa before they can enter another (richer) country – to make sure they will not become illegal immigrants who steal jobs. When you visit a foreign country, it's illegal to work in that country without a Work Permit. All countries are this way.

Example: When I visit Thailand, I am never required to have a Visa, I can go there the same as traveling in the US. That's because, as an American, they know I probably already have a good standard of living, so I will not try to take a job away from their citizens. But if a Thai citizen tries to visit America, they are required to have a Visa precisely because American immigration officials fear they are coming to the US to illegally take a job away from American citizens,

President Donald Trump was elected by the American people because he promised to confront these issues that have seriously hurt the American people. I personally disagree with his style but I completely agree with his message to put a stop to illegal immigration and return American jobs to the American people.

Bottom line, I am not racist, I respect all people. But I will not sit by and watch all the illegal immigrants continue destroying America. It must and it will stop
Reply Report Ted180 2017-2-6 04:49
To-day I am afraid the Republicans will manage to replace Trump with Pence by one of several methods. I hope not because Pence will be harder to defeat in 2020 than Trump. I regard Trump as being a way to defeat the disgusting Republican Party which I consider to be criminals enabling the US rich to evade their proper taxes. Trump's own obvious disgusting and impulsive tendencies are an ASSET to all PROGRESSIVE people who can use him to bring the Fascists CRASHING DOWN in 2020! We need to KEEP Trump there!
Reply Report voice_cd 2017-2-6 09:34
vf84tcat: Many years ago I took an oath as a US Naval Officer to: “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and do ...
Could I have your name? Cause we're recommending your comment as an opinion article to our wechat platform, and we want to sign your byline there. Thx a lot!
Reply Report KnowledgeWisdom 2017-2-9 00:42
My view regarding leaders is different than most people’s thoughts. Strong leaders will offend a lot of people. To dance around issues just because you wish to be politically correct, is a waste of time. Is he clever enough to be a good leader? Don`t know, from what I`m seeing he is too impulsive and a bit egotistical.

You can`t always be right, all people no matter who you are, make mistakes. Unless of course you could see in the future the past and the present. Don`t think he can do that. The best I hope for from him, is to stop Americas wars and to stop trying to start a world war 3. One of Americas biggest problems is their GREED, that’s why other people take their jobs. We will rather outsource the work to cheaper labour than pay higher wages to our own people. Don`t give the immigrant the blame for lost jobs. Place the guilt where it belongs, the business man that sees bigger profits in his hands when he can get someone to do the job for a smaller salary. The immigrant didn`t put a gun to the business man’s head and forced him to employ him. No, no, no, it was the rational decision of the business man to go after GREED rather than paying a fair wage to the labourer.

Divided America, yes for sure, by design from those who lost against Trump. Shame, Russia is to be blamed for Trump ending up as Americas President. Well if it is true as some Americans claim, then Russia have outsmarted America BIG TIME. Without loss of life or even going to war or spending lots of money, they have done a regime change on America and put their puppet ruler in place.

Or a clever move to Divide American people and to ensure continual hostilities between Russia and America and bring the world just closer to the 3 world war? Maybe Trump should learn from Putin.
Reply Report GhostBuster 2017-2-23 23:18
US President Trump faces new and difficult challenges but is tough and will take them on head on course. Not good for US and the world. There is no instant solution because US presidential term is only forty-eight months. On the first day of the thirty-seventh month, he must decide whether to seek the second consecutive term. If that is, then more effort, time and precious resources have to fuel the race. To implement a realistic good policy for a country like US, it will take more time than just two consecutive terms. Fortunately, the mechanism is somewhat in place and does work. As some people said before, US is a country where the smart put the rules and regulations and constantly recorrects and fine tune towards the optimum goals.

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