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What’s in a Name?

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I hear it most of the times, Chinese people say they from the East, actually some even refer to this part of the World as the ‘Far East,’ my question is: far from where?  When I look at my map while am in China, I see the USA to my East.

When people in Saudi Arabia or Syria come to China and you ask them where they are from and they say they are from the Middle East? My question is Middle from where? Where do we start?

Japan or Canada are developed countries and Bangladesh is not, What does it mean to be a developed country to have tall buildings?  Nursing homes? Stand Your Ground and gun ownership?

Africa is made up of Third World countries, that means we have First World countries, how did we get here?

In Afghanistan they have tribal leaders, in the USA they are senators, how do we tell the two apart?

Beautiful means tall, slim and with a degree of light skin, that means almost all Chinese girls are not pretty because they are shorter and so are most African girls since they are dark skinned.

Terrorism is when a small powerless group reacts violently otherwise it’s an invasion or just a bid to free the people.

Why the World War was called a World War? Is Serena Williams really the World Number One in Tennis?

When you ask me if I can speak Chinese, which language id that? 

I am African, who gave Africa that name? I’m I really from Africa?

Would Li Lianjie not make it in life if he kept his name and not adopt Jet Li?

Diagnosis: The West calls shots, the rest follow.

Wait… who is the West?


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Reply Report burnsmf 2017-2-2 12:23
The world was flat once it was the far east at that point

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