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Language is the backbone of our civilization!
2017-12-9 12:27:56 Reply
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  • Turn the Internet into great Church for civilization-building! 2018-1-3 07:26

    Is internet tutoring a thing? There is no need for tutoring to be done in person really. With Chinese parents willing to pay so much for extra education outside of school you would think that internet tutoring could be big - especially for the corporation that gets dominate market share. They could hire teachers and do tutoring online and they could also run extra curricular classes online for groups and stuff like that. Is there anything like that in China? Does one company cone to your mind right away? If not there could be and should be.

  • Turn the Internet into great Church for civilization-building! 2018-1-3 07:22

    A lot of information is not really worth that much to people unless they have a certified saying that they known it. The internet could be used to allow people to get free qualifications but this will hurt the university market so it is not allowed. Any course you can do for free is not worth anything. There is actually already a lot of information on the internet you know.

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