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Share Are books precious?
2018-1-13 08:47
Thanks for your constructive comments first! About “Dont decry the books! Books are precious."----------- I don't agree with you on this point. I think few of the books in the library are worth reading since most of them were poorly written or edited! At least not all books are precious! ---------Many college graduates would sell all of their textbooks as rubbish for few coins that phenomenon is enough for us to have a good thinking on what is wrong with our education!
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Share Observing is good way for learning!
2018-1-9 12:34
Observation is the source of knowledge. Kids' eyes and ears are quite sensitive who can learn a lot of basic knowledge and ability with ease.However, this natural learning method has been wasted due to our poor teaching process! ------------------Western friends do better than Chinese since they respect children’sfreedom on growth! The word ‘observing’ is quite interesting with the letter ‘O' for begining which shows that you must open your eyes w ...
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Share Is 'research‘=‘研究’?
2018-1-7 22:50
Now let's discuss if the word ‘research’=‘研究’ in Chinese?!!! In English 're-search' should mean ‘looking for something again and again with great patience’. 研=stone(石)+open(开)----------‘try to break one hard thing’; 究=cave(穴)+ nine(九)----------‘To dig many holes for something’?Maybe!But I think '九‘ should represent 'more higher or deeper in degree’, another example is ‘九天’ which means 'the top layer of the sky”.------So 究&n ...
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Share Ice, snow and water!
2018-1-6 12:48
Nice photos! Among them the sixth one is the most beautiful painting that I appreciate very much! It drives me think a lot about the common liquid-----water! Chemistry science tells us water-molecule (H-O-H) is one oxygen-atom arming two hydrogen-ones who are dancing in liquid-state! The active water is quite important for life since it is said there are one-milion chemical-actions taking place inside our body per second and most of them could not go on without water! When it is freezing, wa ...
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Share Is 流 mountain-water painting?
2018-1-4 15:56
About 流: Its first part is called ‘three-drop-water’ in Chinese;The top of its right component is changed-form of 云(clouds) and the bottom one should comes from 川 (river) which two sides symbol the banks of the river and the middle-vertical-stroke represents the water-current! So, look at the whole word: Three streams flows; Over the head the clouds are floating in the sky and it seems that it is raining hard; The current of the river is so strong that the banks are go ...
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Share Reform would improve university-quality
2017-12-30 16:13
In China for most middle-school students, university is sweet dream but once they enter the college they would wake up from the fairy-tale! -----------The university-life is not as wonderful as they expected! Our education has taught children too much so-called theories which are too abstract for practical use! What makes the thing worse is that students have little their own ideas about books except repeating the written words! I wish I wish future education-reform woul ...
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Share Anger is poison for the 'fish' of your body!
2017-12-29 09:18
Our physical has countless cells and we maytake each one of them as little ’fish' who lives in a wonder nutrition environment which has a good balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide!--------however, when you become angry for something, such weak balance would be broken and all ’fish‘ could not get enough oxygen and the waste gas could not be driven out of the body! -------So your face woul ...
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Share Learn art for living!
2017-12-23 16:23
Real art could last forever! In ancient Chinese, art was expressed as 藝 The top of 草 looks like two weeds growing on the ground; 丸 is ball-like something ‘pill’ which represents 'seed' here; What in front of 丸 is ‘soil’ since 土 is ‘earth’ and 八 shapes like ‘digging’; So the middle of 藝 shows ‘to dig hole for seeding’. 云 is cloud. Does it mean ‘to water the plant’? Maybe! But 耘 is ‘plow’ and the 二 of 云 should represent layers of soil and the lower part of ...
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Share How to make Chinese language more powerful?
2017-12-22 16:01
This post was edited by SEARU at 2017-12-22 15:58 1584austin Post time: 2017-12-22 00:54 There are over 6,000 languages spoken in the world today, but some 2,000 of them count fewer than 1 ... Thanks for yourhard work on my writing that is so constructive to the topic! Here I want state two points of view on the issue: 1) Chinese characters should be taught in more interesting way with detailed note to the relationship between the shape and the m ...
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Share Effectively deal with cultures with your own idea!
2017-12-21 12:23
Your this note is full of philosophy that contains too much I want to say! I have been drunk in the ocean of English for so long since I appreciate its clear way of explaining some concept or idea! Sometime I am puzzled by one phenomenon: Once reading is enough for an English text while three times of doing with Chinese article maybe not effective!-------------------So here I want to emphasis that fellow friends should learn from our counterparts on thinking and writing to improve the qual ...
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  • Turn the Internet into great Church for civilization-building! 2018-1-3 07:26

    Is internet tutoring a thing? There is no need for tutoring to be done in person really. With Chinese parents willing to pay so much for extra education outside of school you would think that internet tutoring could be big - especially for the corporation that gets dominate market share. They could hire teachers and do tutoring online and they could also run extra curricular classes online for groups and stuff like that. Is there anything like that in China? Does one company cone to your mind right away? If not there could be and should be.

  • Turn the Internet into great Church for civilization-building! 2018-1-3 07:22

    A lot of information is not really worth that much to people unless they have a certified saying that they known it. The internet could be used to allow people to get free qualifications but this will hurt the university market so it is not allowed. Any course you can do for free is not worth anything. There is actually already a lot of information on the internet you know.

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