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Share Teaching and learning should go with books and instruments
SEARU 2018-3-23 15:33
There is no problem that our kids are well educated on politics who love the motherland, the party and the people! Farthermore Chinese students are hard-working. What trouble them are as the following: Class is hard to understand even starting from the kindergarten! Science theories are taught too deeply without enough experiments or practice. They are forced to accept the abstract formulas through countless exercises on problem-solving! Teachers and students are afraid of exams t ...
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Share Please make your words more clear
SEARU 2018-3-22 16:29
About two years ago, in the college-entrance examination one special student wrote a composition with too many rare Chinese characters as if he was an ancient scholar whose writing was hard for ordinary teachers to read through! --------------- I admit he was fit for ancient literature study. But what is the meaning of your job if only few people could follow you? In many cases, Chinese teachers and students are fooled by others or themselves: 'The puzzle would become clea ...
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Share What is 力?
SEARU 2018-3-17 15:17
The Chinese character 力(li)means ‘strength’ or ‘labour’. Does it look like a man with his two arms raising up in the air while working? I think so! -----------Why? If you add two dot-strokes to 力, that would become 为(wei) which means ‘do’ or ‘doing’.------------The extra two dots seem like the drops of sweat from the body(力) who is working hard! -----------This reminds me the hard period when I harvested wheat-crops with simple knife that kind of labour w ...
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Share Debating looks like football-match
SEARU 2018-3-9 10:55
Schooling seems kindergarten where books act as toy or stone on which you could sharpen the edge of your thinking-sword! The present so-called knowledge is limited for practical use and what would determine your success in the future is your strong head with which you could do well on reasonable judging to dealing with real problems!----------Debating is wonderful football match in class just as we are doing!
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Share We shoulder learn from Chairman Mao on reading
SEARU 2018-3-8 16:47
The logical thinking hiding behind the lines of a book seems like invisible ladder with which the author could climb higher and higher step by step. That is the spirit of the author‘s soul which is more important than his or her oral words! On this aspect one great man had set us a good example: He had read piles of ancient Chinese books and foreign ones and used the ’book-knowledge-force’ to deal with the real problems that he met with.He succeeded for his powerful head. ...
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Share What is wrong with our education?
SEARU 2018-3-7 10:29
Chinese students fix their eyes on blackboard, focus the ears on listening to teacher‘s lecture, tire the hand on writing and sums, with brain working hard to repeat others‘ words without their own real thinking! ----------They are the most diligent learners in world who often sacrifice sleeping hours for written homework! I feel pity for the cold phenomenon that our schooling really goes in a strange way which is unfit for the new era! We must do some reforming to set free kids from the low- ...
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Share Could 网 be used to net fish?
SEARU 2018-3-5 23:21
We Chinese call net as 网 ( wang). Now please have a close look at the special character: If you prolong its inside four stokes, does it really look like a fishing-net with many holes in it?and its outside three-stroke looks like the door of the goal on the football-match playground!-----------The more time you stare at it,the more it would be like!
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Share Future dictionary could save the education-crisis!
SEARU 2018-3-3 16:04
I used to try to look through it with pleasure and every movement I enjoyed myself for her wonderful explaination to each word! For an example:------------ Education:To teach kids knowledge, skill and how to think! How scientific it is! I don't think our Chinese dictionary is so perfect! Our children learn new characters single by single without detailed description that is one of the reasons why our education is backward! ------------I feel shameful for our failure but I want to ...
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Share The generation-gap
SEARU 2018-3-3 15:47
Your reply reminds me what happened in early 1970s:Mom weaved cotton into thread then cloth and dyed for our clothes. One pair of trousers would serve for several years with few patches on for mending; We used to get some wild plants as vegetable due to lack of food;In summer, we pulled up weeds to feed goat or pig; In autumn and cold winter elder brother and I collected fallen-tree-leaf for firewood even from the pond! ...... Last time I visit my son‘ home in that city where daughter-in-la ...
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