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What is article in Chinese?

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文 looks like a man who has wide shoulders to carry  heavy load for family or society;

Is his stomach big? -----------In China we often use the idiom 满腹经纶 to describe someone whose ‘stomach’ is full of Bible and poems those are enough for him to deal with any problem in reality!---------- Ancient Chinese believed that the function of the heart was ‘thinking’ which in fact is the head‘s business!’

The bottom of 文 should be the two legs:Reading thousands of books is not enough to make you a real scholar, for more you must travel the world putting  theory into practice! That is the real meaning of the  idiom  ‘’走千里路,读万卷书”!

The top part of 章(zhang)is 立 which means ‘standing’ or ‘set up’;
Its middle component is 日 that is 'the Sun‘ which original form was one circle plus a short horizon-stroke inside that looks like the real shape of the star!
The bottom of 章 is 早 which contains the horizon-line of the ground and the vertical stroke symbols the route through which the Sun rises in the east in early morning.

So the whole image of 章 tells us ‘We must set up new idea through writing and let readers feel that as if they see the bright sunlight from the darkness!’’----------Try to make your article more meaningful is the first important thing! 

文 plus 章  is equal to ‘article’.  But it is not easy to do the sum for Searu! (laughing!)

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Reply Report SEARU 2018-5-14 11:01
ledlight365: When can I have same English level with you??
Flatter me? Don't be too modest. Just try to use English as more as possible in daily life, practice makes you an expert!

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  • Bloging is also important! 2018-5-24 16:53

    My blog goes like autobiography through which you could see the depth of my mind.

  • Lazy master mostly has diligent apprentice 2018-5-22 22:52

    In China I don't think teachers are the real master of their teaching job who in fact act as actor while the headmaster is the movie-director!----------You would be judged as lazy-worker if you lecture for less time in the class.
    It is common for everyone to act as a fool since we often do things in a wrong way!
    Parents are always looking forward to the moment when their kid win the shining gold medal in fierce competition on lessons!
    ------------the natural development on Intellecture

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