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Real art reflects life but beyond reality

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Nobody force you to 'share your trade secrets with public here' as you said! In fact we should not directly shoot down what we do in dailylife without art dealing with!------------Ordinary article tastes like steam-bun without which you would feel empty, while good writing acts as liquor which leave you deep impression although bun and liquor come from the same raw material grain! What makes the difference is that liquor has experienced a long time of process brewed with your ripe considering about the spirit of some appearance while the bun had been cooked in a hurry!
I mean you could write something indirectly reflecting the sweet fruits in your deep mind growing from the fertile soil of your reality! :P
(Ho do you feel a bit sour about my this reply? );P

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  • Persuade people to produce rubbish as less as possible! 2018-7-14 22:16

    Rubbish are treasures in the wrong position where you place them!

  • From 'official‘ to teacher 2018-7-14 20:14

    Your detailed note focuses on educating toddlers instead of children of all ages!
    May I say that you are not familiar with the first hand materials on Chinese school-teaching? In class teachers and students pay too much attention to the points of knowledge and try to swallow down each word of the text without digestion, ignoring the internal logical connections among the knowledge points!
    Teachers must teach students how to think through knowledge learning!  Book knowledge is limited and useless in most case while thinking ability is the sharpness of  your brain-knife-edge that determines how clever you are for real problem-solving!
    In short words the way of thinking is more important than the fruit of brain-production (knowledge)!
    Fishing skill is more valuable than a basket of fish!
    So let children become little thinker first,then possible for a great thinker when they grow up!

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