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Not all fitness training programs are fit for you!

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Yoga is special kind of physical training that should be started from your early age when the bones and joints are soft that is fit for exercises with ease! However one of my colleagues began her yoga so lately that she was already fifty years old! Half a year later, she had to quit the fitness dream since her backbone had been seriously hurt during one training program! Since then she saw doctors everywhere costing much money, NOW she has not fully recovered from the trouble! :'(
As for me, I still can do side-somersault that ability I have achieved since I was young!
It is more safe and workable if you do physical exercises in a free-style. -----------Do kinds of actions like dance as you wish and permitted! :victory:

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  • What is army in Chinese? 2017-12-12 12:51

    卒 is more tasty than 兵! Have you heard of the phrase ‘shoulder-to-shoulder solders’? If you play Chinese chess, the two co-working soilders are quite powerful who could kill any approaching enemy ahead! If you kill one of them by attacking from the side or the back, the other soldier would kill you in return!--------This is an important military theory: If you want to win the war, you must tell the men why you launch the battle and let all soldiers unite together forming a firm fist!  Unity means strength and sometime such strength would become so great that may destroy anything in the world. Chair Mao was good at the lesson who had led the Chinese army from victory to victory even with the poor equipments!

  • What is army in Chinese? 2017-12-11 21:33

    SOLD+I+ER=SOLDIER=soldier !!!   ---------I have been sold to the army!??
    Yes,this maybe the real meaning of soldier in the english-speaking world. Each solder should work hard as if he or she was a ‘slave’ who is fully controled by his master! -----------Everyone must contribute all of his or her energy even life for the country‘s safety.

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