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The title "知识分子" for intelectual is not accurate!

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In Chinese,知识 is "knowledge";分子 is "molecule in chemistry" but here it means "person in the society.So the phrase "知识分子" emphsizes too much about book_knowledge that has made troubles for our education! Since it is wrong signal that has misled the aim of kinds of exams on students!We should call intelectuals "智能分子" who are more powerful on wisedom and ability. This would encourage kids pay much attention to their thinking ability rather than book_knowledge.

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Reply Report SEARU 2017-10-5 20:47
"智能分子" may also include those skilled workers without university diploma!

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  • Please feel free in the forum of chinadaily! 2018-2-26 03:20

    SEARU: You act as naughty boy that kind of living style is good for relaxation and health!
    In real life adults make things very complicated who always think  ...
    A Peter Pan if ever there was one. Hopeless at school. Incapable either of competing or co- operating. Envying all the normally successful boys—and, because he envied, hating them and, to make himself feel better, despising them as inferior beings. Then came the time for puberty. But Adolf was sexually backward. Other boys made advances to girls, and the girls responded. Adolf was too shy, too uncertain of his manhood. And all the time incapable of steady work, at home only in the compensatory Other World of his fancy. There, at the very least, he was Michelangelo. Here, unfortunately, he couldn't draw. His only gifts were hatred, low cunning, a set of indefatigable vocal cords and a talent for nonstop talking at the top of his voice from the depths of his Peter-Panic paranoia. Thirty or forty million deaths and heaven knows how many billions of dollars—that was the price the world had to pay for little Adolf's retarded maturation. - Aldous Huxley

    Yes we should keep things simple. China should make a small investment in me so my needs are covered and I can put all of my focus on destroying the Americans.

  • Please feel free in the forum of chinadaily! 2018-2-25 11:09

    HailChina!: For anyone to suggest that I am a potential leader of a terrorist army would be utterly ludicrous. ..
    You act as naughty boy that kind of living style is good for relaxation and health!
    In real life adults make things very complicated who always think themselves more senior than the young with simple head! That is why we often feel tired and admire children who always in ease as fairy!
    Now let's make life as simple as possible then you would feel happier than before!

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