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Share my love is come to me
zzxxll 2017-5-5 14:46
My Love Is Come to Me by Christina Rossetti My heart is like a singing bird Whose nest is in a watered shoot; My heart is like an apple-tree Whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit; My heart is like a rainbow shell That paddles in a halcyon sea; My heart is gladder than all these & ...
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Share A poem
zzxxll 2017-5-4 13:56
Fog Carl Sandbury The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then, moves on.
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Share 翻译大赛参赛内容
zzxxll 2016-8-15 10:52
C h apter 3 D o y ou h a v e a Complex? Ass o ciate d i m a g e s an d f r o z e n mem o rie s o f tra u m a t i c mom e nts…a r e bur i e d d e e p in t h e subcons c i ou s . C.G.Jung Ha v e y o u e v e r f el t li k e y o u ha v e “s om e kin d o f c o mple x ? ” M a y ...
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Share A fair day of the year of the Monkey(春节故事分享)
zzxxll 2016-2-14 10:40
A fair day of the year of the Monkey(春节故事分享)
ThereisafaironChineseNewyearholidays.Myson,mywifeandIwenttoseethefaironFebruary11 th 2016. WecametotheShiShengTemple(othernameHuangSi)neartheFairfieldforasightseeing.Therewereabigcrowdin ...
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Share Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar new year) in my family(春节故事分享)
zzxxll 2016-2-12 11:32
Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar new year) in my family(春节故事分享)
It was the Chinese new year's Eve on February seventh 2016. On that afternoon, my father and I hung on the red lantern and pasted red paper with best wishes written on it on our door. Also, My family started to clean our house which means a new climate in my family in the new year. After we cleaned up our house, my father and I went to supermarket to buy lots of fruits and nuts and vegetable for the spring festival. Also, we put on our new clothes, new trousers new socks and ...
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Share The happiness of being a father
zzxxll 2016-1-11 11:26
MysonwasborninMay2009,bynowheissixandahalfyearsold.Inthesixandahalfyears,myfamilyhasbeenfulloflaughterandhappinessbecauseofthebirthofmyson.Myfatherandmotheralsolovetheirgrandsonverymuch.When  ...
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Share Cooking Mackerels
zzxxll 2016-1-8 08:51
Cooking  Mackerels
Today,mywifeboughtsomemackerelandsheknowsofthatIamgoodatcookingit. First,sinceallthemackerelarefrozen,Ihavetoputtheminabasinfullofwatertothawthem.Usually,ittakesabouttwentyminutestothawthefrozenmackerel. Se ...
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Share My experience of feeding tropical fishes
zzxxll 2015-12-14 10:18
My experience of feeding tropical fishes
T hisApril,Iboughtsometropicalfishesinthefreemarketnearby.Theyarered,blueandblack.Thefishesareenergeticandactiveinthetemperatureabout20degreeCelsius. Everymorningbeforebreakfast,Iwouldgoouttoanearbylaketocatchsomefood  ...
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Share My opinion about faith
zzxxll 2015-11-16 11:05
IwasborninChinamainland.Asyouknow,manyschoolsinChinawillteachChinesestudentstobeanatheistanddonotbelieveinanyreligion. However,asweareaging,wecanmeetlotsofdifferentpeoplefromtheworldandwefindthatsomepeople ...
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Share Sticking to English learning
zzxxll 2015-11-13 10:56
IappliedfortheChinadailyChinesebloggercontest,soIhavetorecalltheEnglishlearningexperienceinmylife. IstartedtolearnEnglishwhenIwastwelveyearsoldin1988.Atthattime,therewerenoPCinourdailylife.Studentshadtorecite ...
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