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Share Confucius Peace Prize, A Knockoff
zhangshaoxiong 2015-10-29 19:00
Confucius Peace Prize, A Knockoff
Confucius Peace Prize, a Knockoff that Knocks the World Out Fisher East Yesterday, a young student knocked me out with a knocking strange name, Confucius Peace Prize, initiated and awarded by a certain NG organization in China. The young student told me that he was knocked out himself. He did not know why Robert Mugabe, the winner of The Sixth Annual Confucius Peace Prize, refused to accept it; and he did ...
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Share Seventeen Hours with Loud Chinese Mamas
zhangshaoxiong 2015-10-15 04:28
Seventeen Hours with Loud Chinese Mamas Fisher East The term Chinese mamas can always suggest genuine loveliness and magnificent reputation. You may have read of Chinese mamas and loud Chinese mamas , sometimes, or very often recently. You know the lexical meaning of the terms, but you may probably fail to figure out the sentiments of the people who use the terms with considerable admiration. ...
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Share An Unnecessary War between Men and Birds
zhangshaoxiong 2015-6-3 18:39
An Unnecessary War between Men and Birds
An Unnecessary War between Men and Birds Fisher East A wall, of iron wires and nylon threads, stands around the vegetable pads in the country. There are birds, flesh of the air, caught on the wall, made by the flesh that walks on the earth. It is a war, unnecessary though, between men and birds, between flesh and flesh. I took the photos to make a true record of the war, not for the sake of artistic photography, but for the sake of truth. The wall makes the origin of as w ...
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Share A Soldier with Epithets
zhangshaoxiong 2015-4-6 02:41
A Soldier withEpithets Fisher East Every year around the Qingming Festival in this century, my cousins will talk a lot about one of their old brothers, a revolutionary martyr, a Mr. Hemp Grass, or Mr. Grass Hemp, or Mr. Rope. “If we knew where he was buried,” they always say, “we would go and put a Qingming lantern-flag for him!” Mr. Hemp G ...
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Share Patterns of Fishing
zhangshaoxiong 2015-3-21 23:03
Patterns of Fishing Shao-xiong Zhang In the Chinese context, there are many different expressions about fishing instead of one broad term “fishing” as there are many different tools and methods of fishing. Chinese people can employ many verb-object collocations to define the methods and the tools of fishing. In such collocations, the mos ...
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Share My Grandpa’s House
zhangshaoxiong 2015-3-20 16:39
My Grandpa’s House Fisher East My brothers and I Bigger and smaller, all Live in the craftsmen house My grandpa built years ago We were born here in We grew up here around To the expectation of my grandpa and my father We have this craftsmen house Of ma ...
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Share Why I Collect Books
zhangshaoxiong 2014-4-23 20:15
Why I Collect Books Zhang Shaoxiong I am a book collector, with about 50 thousand books in my collection or family library. These days, I was very often asked the question “Why do you collect books?” Today, the World Book Day, I was asked the question by three different journalists, and I gave three answers. When they left, I recollected my ans ...
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Share Osmanthus Spirits under Osmanthus Trees
zhangshaoxiong 2013-10-30 22:18
Osmanthus Spirits under Osmanthus Trees Zhang Shaoxiong In the late afternoon of a late September day, six of my friends gathered, Kun and Jim from nearby communities, and John, Sean, Sam, and Joe from cities around Changsha, for a chatting dinner. Kun and Jim like village inns with full views of green mountains, and John, Sean, Sam and Joe like the ideas of Kun and Jim. A ...
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Share The School-bag on The Stone-ladder
zhangshaoxiong 2013-10-23 08:14
The School-bag on The Stone-ladder
The School-bag on The Stone-ladder Zhang Shaoxiong All begins from This school-bag Wider than the shoulder Longer than the back Beyond this school-bag Extends that unmovable stone-ladder And upon that unmovable stone-ladder Up travels this moving school-bag (Photo takenin Changsha, Hunan)
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Share Poetical Readings of Natural Wonders
zhangshaoxiong 2013-10-3 01:00
Poetical Readings of Natural Wonders Zhang Shaoxiong Conversations about full moons, around the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, awakened my interest in readings of natural wonders in the Chinese context. I made a study of the present readings available of such natural wonders as full moons, radiant clouds and surging tides, and found that poetical readings are losing and non-poetical readings are gaining. ...
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