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Confucius Peace Prize, A Knockoff

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Confucius Peace Prize, a Knockoff that Knocks the World Out


Fisher East


Yesterday, a young student knocked me out with a knocking strange name, Confucius Peace Prize, initiated and awarded by a certain NG organization in China.


The young student told me that he was knocked out himself. He did not know why Robert Mugabe, the winner of The Sixth Annual Confucius Peace Prize, refused to accept it; and he did not know why many people of the world were shocked when they heard that Robert Mugabe won China’s version of the Nobel Peace Prize.


I told the young student that I know nothing about the Prize. I gave no answers, but suggested some necessary approaches to find the answers, as, to question the authority of the NG organization, and to question whether the NG organization represents China.


After I saw “The Sixth Annual Confucius Peace Prize Award Announced Press Conference” posters online, I realized that I forgot one basic approach: the linguistic approach. A brief study of the language, both Chinese and English, used in the posters, and, if necessary, in some the news features delivered by the NG organization can tell people what the Prize is.





A poster downloaded from online news features.


The brief announcement in Chinese is featured by run-on clauses or sentences. And run-on clauses or sentences are the basic features of the writings of primary school pupils, who have not developed the faculties of punctuation and not mastered the usage of commas, semicolons, colons, and full stops.

The heading “Award Announced Press Conference” is a unique making, different from the phrases used by the people in the English-speaking world, from such headings as “Award Announcement Press Conference” or “Press Conference to Announce Winner(s) of …Prize”.


The announcement in Chinese is a low quality knockoff and the press conference heading in English is a low quality knockoff, too.


The knockoff announcement and the knockoff press conference heading reveal the fact that the NG organization is a knockoff, formed of knockoff members and failing to employ non-knockoff staff who can write correct Chinese and English.


Confucius Pease Prize is a knockoff that might knock the world out.

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